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  1. hellla

    Question about CDI box

    I haven't found any used ones yet. Yeah, Sweden sucks if you're an mx-rider. Usually bike parts is twice as expensive in Sweden compared to the States. A new 250F goes for around $10.700.
  2. hellla

    Question about CDI box

    I need a new CDI box for my 04 KXF. I'm gonna buy the box from the States since a new one costs over $500 here in Sweden. Is there any difference between an American vs an European OEM CDI box?
  3. hellla

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Nice graphics Stallion! I bought the FLU graphics for my '04 and thought i would get the same look as your bike but the stupid dealer had posted pictures of the '06 kit instead of the '04 kit at their website. But the '04 kit looks quite good too.
  4. hellla

    guys show me your kawasakis

    My '06.
  5. hellla

    What are you guys paying for your 07's? $5475otd here

    I guess the grass is greener on the other side. You will have to pay around $9800 for a 07 250f here in Sweden.
  6. hellla

    what shim size will i need

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  7. hellla

    How long should the valves last?

    It's so damn expensive here in Sweden, a new 07 is like 10500 USD. Isn't it ok to get a 06 or do they also have valve problems? No i didn't get the seats cut. The mechanic who replaced the valves said the seats were fine and there was no need to cut them. If i cut the seats, can i use the valves i use now or do i have to get new valves?
  8. hellla

    How long should the valves last?

    I've been riding for 25.8 hours since i got new Kibblewhite valves and springs in my 04 KXF. Had to shim all four valves after five hours. After that the valve clerance has been good until 17.8 hours when i had to reshim both intake valves. After another 1.5 hours i checked the clerance and the left intake needed to be shimmed. Then i rode for 1.4 hours and the left intake again needs to be shimmed. When the valves were new i started with the 2.95 mm shim on the left intake and now i'm down to the 2.6 mm shim. Shouldn't the valves last longer than 26 hours? What should i do now? Replace the left intake valve? Buy a 2-stroke?
  9. hellla

    My KXF won't start!

    Hell yeah, my bike is running! But there's some problems yet. The bike is blowing so i checked the spark plug and it was a litte grey/white. So i guess it's either some dirt in the carbs jets or the ignition is wrong because of wrong cam timing.
  10. hellla

    My KXF won't start!

    It feels the same as before the valve adjustment.
  11. hellla

    My KXF won't start!

    Ok, i will check the timing one more time. I've buyed a new cam chain and i will change it after the weekend to see if it helps.
  12. hellla

    My KXF won't start!

    What's "bumpin the bike"?
  13. hellla

    My KXF won't start!

    I have a KX250F '04. One day after i shimmed the valves my bike won't start. I have double and triple checked the valve clerance and the cam timing and everything seems fine. Yesterday a friend who also have a '04 helped me double check it and again everything seems fine. I have cleaned my carb and the spark is fine, but still the bike won't start. I don't know what else to do. Any ideas?
  14. hellla

    Wierd Knocking Noise!

    A friend of mine put his oilfilter backwards on his RMZ once. He rode for about a halv lap at the track and the bike just stopped for him too. The piston was all messed up and he had to get a new piston, cylinder, crankshaft och two valves.