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  1. christopher1968

    just a quick question

    I have few complaints about quad riders. I don't question skill or ability because that has no bearing on how one decides to ride. I can complain that quads can ruin narrow single track trails by widing them with the 4' wide wheelbase. In Glamis we see alot more quad riders that bike riders. See just as many stupid bike riders as quad riders. Given the ease of riding a quad it may not be stupidity that causes bad behavior, but a failure to understand what bad behavior is and what public perception it creates. I cannot say that I have never riden my bike without a helmet. I have been known to unload and instantlly rip around camp once or twice. Part of it is excitement of being out on my bike again, part of it is stupidity on my part and not thinking about my actions. Bottom line is if you see someone behaving poorly let them know, SACK UP AND PROTECT YOUR SPORT! Tell them that waht they are doing is unsafe or destructive. Say it once, say it politely. If we don't police ourselves we will be policed by others that don't understand our sport. Oh yeah, following quads sucks because they kick up more dust with those big wide tires.
  2. christopher1968

    What have you owned?

    1980 KX 80 1986 KX500 1986 CR500 1986 XL600R 2003 CRF450R(just got it!)
  3. christopher1968

    New CRF owner

    Hello all. Wel I let my 2000 DRZ400E go and bought a 03 CRF450R. Going to miss the E button but the headlight is a bigger miss. Checking threads and products it appears I will need a new flywheel and lighting coil. Does the heavier lighting flywheel affect RPM performance? Just considering the increased spinning mass. Not worried about losing maxium performance but do not want to recreate the DRZ all over. Thanks.
  4. christopher1968

    cylinder head instal

    Thank you for the advice. I will put it back together as so as I get the head back from the machine shop.
  5. christopher1968

    cylinder head instal

    Little help here. Replacing cylinder head after valve job. Do I need to worry about the base gasket? Doing the head gasket and valve cover seal along with the ACCT gasket. Doing it in the frame so pulling the cylinder would be tough. My factory manual describes all this out of frame and I just don't want to have to replace the base gasket later and go through all this again. Thanks for the help.
  6. christopher1968

    terror flex

    I can not recommend this tire in the Disrtict 38 desert. I ran one for three races, smaller size. I ripped knobs off the sides and did considerable damage to the center knobs. Soft and hooks good, but not rugged enough for our terrain.
  7. christopher1968

    JD red needle

    Yes, I understand the blue and red needles are for different riding conditions. What I am wondering is what experience fellow DRZ riders have found to work well. I just don't see me changing the needle or cilp position as I change altitudes during a ride. I am worried that if I install the red needle per the instructions (0-3,000ft above 80* F as the desert can be) that I will run into a lean condition. I assume that being on the rich side will lose power but a lean condition can ruin the engine. Jetting and needle adjustments are subjuects that I am working on understanding. thanks for the suggestions.
  8. christopher1968

    JD red needle

    Hi all, purchased my JD jet kit. (thank you thumper talk). Now wondering about the needle selection. 3X3, Uni filter, slip on 949 silencer. I am riding in the So Cal desert (district 38). I also cover Big Bear California also. So red or blue? If I lose a little power to being on the rich side I am ok with that. I am thinking of the blue needle but want some real world experience to tell me I am doing the right thing. thanks for all the help.
  9. christopher1968


    Is the JD Kit a better option?
  10. christopher1968


    OK good to hear, too big. Recommendations?
  11. christopher1968

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    top speed:98mph GPS Superstition dry lake bed, tucked in and praying my buddies WR wouldn't catch me! highway: 65-70mph GPS
  12. christopher1968


    Old topic I know but could not find the thread with everyones info regarding jets, exhaust, altitude etc. So here it goes, 2000 DRZ400E, 175 main jet, 50 slow jet, fourth groove up on stock needle(brass/copper colored) and two and one half out on the air screw. Slip on Pro Circut 496 slip on. Foamy air filter. Racing AMA district 38 so-cal desert, 0-3000'. What can be done to max out this setup? Future holds Ti exhaust and other suggestions that come from here. Thank you for your input and advice, everything I have read on this board has helped improve my ride.
  13. christopher1968

    DRZ400E vs BRP

    OK, sounds like I am sticking with the DRZ. As far as speed goes I am comfortable with the 80mph the DRZ can pull topped out, I don't fell the need or have the b***s to go any faster. I tend to drop the bike at least two or three times a race:banghead: so the kicker might wear me out. I remember kicking my 86' XL600 and that could be a real pain, the E button is great:p . The technical stuff isn't a problem, like the DRZ, easier to pick up too. So I guess I will stay where I ma for now. Now a baja dual sport ride might require a BRP. Thanks.
  14. christopher1968

    Race Tech

    Are there anymore off us that have done this mod? Sounds like a good choice to go ahead and do it but I would like a little more input. Thanks.
  15. christopher1968

    DRZ400E vs BRP

    Looking for opinions on these two bikes head to head. I am racing the DRZ400E in AMA D-38 n the southwest desert. I worry about dragging the weight around, suspension on the heavier bike and just plain wearing me out. The DRZ doesn't wear me out too bad. It has the basic mods, jetting, pipe and corrected suspension for my weight. What would I gain? What would I lose? Thanks for your time and opinions. Looking for an education.