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  1. Jason_Johnson

    ok i fixed it...

    na i just put my stuff onto the new bike and i dont care bout the graphics and stuff becuase there hammered now they have like 4 races on them. and im sellin my 50 and my roling chasie for 2800 you get both
  2. Jason_Johnson

    ok i fixed it...

    ied say the grip adds alot of upper end power but it depends on the glue.. max power takes chain wax when aplying the grip. haha and yes i meen exactly what it looks like jk
  3. Jason_Johnson

    ok i fixed it...

    alright longstory short i poped the motor in my old 05 crf so i found another 05 for a very sick price and swiched everything over ecept the exhaust... the roling chasie is for sale 1800 and its yours... and that one blue grip adds horse power....
  4. Jason_Johnson

    Does this add some low end or mid range?...

    i changed the oil like a slut and all the fluids constantly. an what was i doin when it happend.... hmmm hallin *****n balls.. it ran like a bastered till she poped. and the noise, kinda like when you smart off to your mom and she pops you in the ear for the first time that real loud pop then your like ohh sh*t. kinda like that... hahah
  5. Jason_Johnson

    Does this add some low end or mid range?...

    i havnt figured it out yet.
  6. Jason_Johnson

    Does this add some low end or mid range?...

    pretty sick huh.. lol
  7. this happend when i went out to the track after i posted those pics of my bike. still havnt found out what happend yet all i know is that its some bull SH*t!
  8. Jason_Johnson

    Almost done.... Just not quite there... Yet.

    YES! the first person ever that knows what that stiker was... i made it. even people with the shoes dont know..
  9. Jason_Johnson

    Almost done.... Just not quite there... Yet.

    ya i know the 2 on the pipe were dumb i dont know what i was thinkin but if i pull them off im gonna get that glue resi all over the pipe. aluma pro= bitch to clean. but a real known fact though is a NOS sticker is worth 8 horse to the ground... those import guys tell me this. i havnt found one yet though. lol
  10. ive posted a few pics of my bike on here, and just was gonna put up the lates one of it tell me what you guys think.. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a321/jackington_216/nicepicofbike.jpg if your lazy...
  11. Jason_Johnson

    need help fast!!!

    hey whats up i just wanted to know if any one knows were i can find a thing of how to lace rims i have excels and i want to lace them myself, and i need like a site or a printable instruction thing so plz get bac to me i need them by tomoro mo rning or tonite!
  12. Jason_Johnson

    Who's the bone-head with no helmet???

    lmfao if u can understand it its fine dont bitch about it its a forum not a spelling bee...
  13. Jason_Johnson

    Who's the bone-head with no helmet???

    the botom line here is that if a pro that has so much going for him wants to pull a little wheelie to give his fans some oowing and awwing before they leave, or a camra guy a nice shot for a mag.. let HIM make his own desicions for HIM SELF.. its pointless to blame some one else for your/ your childs actions. HIS head HIS responsablity... and baggin on Indian Larry r.i.p. just shows how stupid people are and have no respect for a legacy that he rode out on... i kno the guy is my idle and always will be. and some people just dont ware them... i also think its funny how people rase a pissen mach over nothing. answer the folowing questions - did anything come of his no helmet wheelie? -were there any kids that went home that nite and did a no helmet wheelie and got saverly injured? -is it really that big of a deal?
  14. Jason_Johnson

    Who's the bone-head with no helmet???

    well being one of todays youth to be honest seeing a pro do a victory wheelie wit no helmet does not efect are desicion of wareing a helmet...to be perfectly honest im tired of hearing people try to find a way out or excuse of why there kids want to do somethin or have done something... and it usally ends up on pro shoulders even tho if it wasnt for many of them ur child or you wouldnt have hoped on a dirt bike... im not trying to bag on any here we just need to look at how we aproche things... and botom line when your on your bike who makes the desicions?..... - Jason
  15. Jason_Johnson

    almost done!

    ya i took out the end cap cuz its only for looks on the aluma pro2... and they also put this silver cylinder in thereto quiet it down i took both out and filled the inside egdes to give it that look it has now... i defently noticed power gains and sound gains. but its not a trails pipe lol or a nieghbor friendly pipe