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  1. Swoopy

    05 LTZ 400 stock cam specs?

    Probably right on that one. I'm still waiting on the cam specs from the dealership. Suzuki web site will not reply to specific details. Funny, all the web sites, forums and information available and this question has not been asked or answered since suzuki updated the z400 in 2005. I gotta know. Now its my mission. Dave.
  2. Swoopy

    First post! Cam choice?

    Not a bad idea for cam choice, I'll look that one over. With that much compression, I'd have to run race gas and although I'd like the additional speed, the extra inconvenience of buying and using race gas would be over kill for my trail riding. The carb really woke the quad up, more power down low. I like alot better than the stock carb. Thanks, Dave.
  3. Swoopy

    05 LTZ 400 stock cam specs?

    Yup, I read that article. good info, but I'm not sure if they were the 05 and up cams specs. I'm emailing Suzuki to find out. No one on here knows? And no one on Z400 Central could enlighten me either. Suzuki has not responded to my email. I'll wait. The manual does not give the spes either. Arg.. did not think that this was a hard question. Thanks for the response. Dave.
  4. I have an 05 ltz400 quad. Going to upgrade cams. What are the cam specs for the stock cams. I searched for the info, but could not find. I posted in the Suzuki ATV section also. Stock motor with: pro-design, full yoshi, fcr39. Are the cams the same as the drz-e ? Looking for new cams that will give all around good power for wide open trails and tight stuff. Hot cams stage 2 is good, but they don't make anymore? Weld & RHC too aggressive for a stock bore? Thanks, Dave.
  5. Swoopy

    Suzuki First post! Cam choice?

    Hello all. I ride an ltz400 in Maryland. All trial riding, open long high speed with a technical section, ups, downs, turns, some rock and a few low gravity areas. I have upgraded; fcr39, yosh full exhaust, tires and sprockets. I think the carb woke the heavy quad up the most. The pipe really helped the high end, pulls like a freight train! Happy...Happy... I looked for cam specs., searched etc... but found no answer for the stock 2005 ltz400 cam specs. Are they the same as the drz400 e? I love speed, want more. I am going to get cams next and the e-base gasket. Considering its a stock motor, i'll do springs, cam chain etc.., but am curious as to a well balanced cam seletction for 93 pump gas. If, the cams are the same as a drz-e, then only the new intake hotcam appears to be a gain over the stock E cam. The stock ex. is more agressive than the new hotcams ex. The hotcams stage 2 is better, but are these older models still available? Web and RHC seem too much for my setup? I've heard that one can run two hotcam intakes, but why not two stock E exhaust cams as they appear to be closer to the older style hotcams stage 2 and have more lift and duration than hotcams new? lobe center different? I read that given same lift and lobe center, more duration will gain more power. Too many choices, but overall I know that too much will be poor and not enough will not make a seat of the pants difference. And of course there is the relation of the two cams, overlap etc... now I'm dazed and confused. Any input would be appreciated, but soild information, direction or let me know what is working for you would be helpful. Thanks, Dave.