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  1. Also, does anyone know where i could get an outer countershaft. Aftermarket is just ass good as OEM for me. thanks
  2. sorry cant do that..its all tore apart and my dad wouldn't ever put it all back together.as of right know we already have $400 in parts and labor
  3. Hey guys. I recently just got a 2006 KLX-110 and put a lot of aftermarket parts on it. My problem is that i when to ride it one day and tried to kick it over, it made a weird clicking sound and was very hard to kick over. I took it to a shop that my Buddy owned. You might have heard of it, IMX Racing located in Pa. So he took the engine apart and cracked the cases and found that the counter shaft and split in 2 and that the inside case been cracked from the shaft breaking . My problem is that i canted find an outer counter shaft anywhere. Supportively it is on back order from Kawasaki, which seems like a bit of crap since its a 2006. And i don't want to have to pay $320 for a Two Bros 4- speed ratio tranny. Any suggestions on what i should do? If anyone would happen to know where i could get an aftermarket shaft without having to pay hundreds. It would really help.