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  1. crazygonz85

    Newbees to riding please be careful

    thats terrible to hear, i was riding that track all day till around 3 ish and i neve saw anthing happen
  2. crazygonz85

    How the hell do you jump a 450X, or any 4 stroker?

    is ther much of a difference in jumping say a 450f compared to a 250 two-stroke?
  3. crazygonz85

    Riding in sand

    Bein in so cal we have a few deserts that are pure sand where a paddle is the only way to go, and others where there are a few sand washes. I ride a lot of sand and all i can say is keep the front end light, dont let completely off the throttle especially when you come up to obstacles or the front end will mush and you will fall, and stay back. all this leads to is keeping the front end light.
  4. crazygonz85

    is it a 450 thing?... another jumping thread

    I dont know what everyones deal is saying that a 250 two stroke doesnt have enough power to make a jump, sounds more like a sorry excuse to me. I ride a yz250 and have never once felt like I needed more power for a jump, maybe a longer gear but thats about it. Go fast is all i would say, and by saying the 450s have advantages, which they might, is only going to lower your confidence and psych you out on other jumps too. If you do this one, you can do any of 'em
  5. crazygonz85


    I would be VERY VERY careful when jumping an 80 ft table 5 feet at a time. This could be potentially much more dangerous. IF you land on the knuckle of the landing you are gonna hop, (probably endo) all the way down the landing at highspeed. If you are actually ready/comfortable enough to do a jump of this size find out what gear someone with a similar bike is hitting it in and go for it. dont second guess yourself. commit 100% or dont do it. But I would not reccommend jumping little by litle at all..very dangerous
  6. crazygonz85

    What do I do?

    If the take off is not far from the corner, try seat bouncing, there are instructions on how to properly do that in the january issue of transworld MX. I am a novice rider and one day just started doing it without realizing, its not that difficult of a maneauver and it would really help in your situatiion allowing you to stay in second. Ive never ridden a 125 or 250f for that matter but from what I understand, feathering the clutch through the corner in 3rd might help as well. hope this helps. let us now what you discover once you master it