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  1. scudders71

    advice on dual bikes?

    I am 5'6" also and I ride a DR650. It was lowered when I bought it and it was perfect for me. I feel more comfortable knowing I can put my foot on the ground when I need to. Hubby has an XR650 dual sport and I can ride it but cannot touch the ground unless I shift to one side. The weight is not too bad on it either....350lbs. I have not had this one down but fell over on my other one I had and could pick it up.
  2. scudders71

    Have you ever fallen over while not moving?

    My husband and I were out riding and decided to stop for an ice cream. Of course the place we stopped at was busy and everyone was looking at the 2 bikes that just pulled in. I stopped and swung my leg over to get off and my shoelace got stuck on a bungee cord! I looked at my husband and said "help" but it was too late......over I went. With everyone watching of course. I think that always makes it worse..........spectators!
  3. scudders71

    Ja! Neu Motorrad!

    Congrats on the new bike! For curiosities sake, was it a malfunction with the bike? Or the rider? (no offense!) only joking .....was wondering because I don't want mine to catch on fire.....then again....hmmmmm Shame on me but a new bike would be great.
  4. scudders71

    ok for lots of road use?

    My DR is rock solid at 80 MPH (showroom stock); I feel that it would cruise around the globe at this speed, only needing gas, oil and tires. I totally agree!! Cruises great at that speed and still has more if you need it! I have over 10,000 miles on mine and 98% has been highway. Definitely not at slow speeds. I think this is a great versatile bike.
  5. scudders71

    Fun/Frustrating/Addictive Test

    Nothing like a little red square to drive you crazy!!! Not as easy as it seems.
  6. scudders71

    Building up Strength

    The best way to build strength is by using the same weight with more repetitions. It may seem like it will take forever but you should see results in a week or so. I always thought I had pretty good upper body strength until I did some hard desert riding for 3 hours. It had been 11 years since I had rode like that and I paid for it the next day.! Just made me realize I need to get back in shape. Good luck to you and be safe.
  7. scudders71

    Lawnmower FX

    Get the lawn done that much faster so there is more time to ride!!
  8. scudders71

    Adelanto Grand Prix

    That is an awesome race. I rode my yz80 in it years ago. Since y'all are so young I won't say how many. My dad raced it every year until the early or mid 90's. My brother also raced there and wanted to this year but a bum shoulder has cancelled his plans. Good luck, I hope you get your bike. Be sure to let us know.
  9. scudders71

    Latest seat update

    I would love to know how you like your new seat. I absolutely hate mine. It is good for about 35-40 miles and I need to get off and stretch. I have built in padding (butt) but that does not matter when you have a hard seat. I will e-mail you so I can see a pic.
  10. scudders71

    DR650 fuel consumption

    I get 55-60, all highway miles. It is a little less if I am in the throttle alot. I have yet to ever hit reserve, even at 130 miles. It will all depend like stated before on bike and person.
  11. I always liked to sleep in the back of a pickup after a long day of riding and look up at the stars. Seems like millions more of them when you are out in the desert, away from the city lights and noise. Many great times out there. I also like to think about nothing or anything I want to when I am riding and enjoy the scenery.
  12. Awesome job MX!! You talking about the butt hanging out made me think of my very first race. I was 10, and I had a RM100. It was out at Lucerne maybe? I was scared to death and Dad was giving me advice at the starting line. All the advice he gave me did not prepare me for what I was about to experience though. I was dead last and I looked up ahead and seen 2 guys. One was on each side of the trail. When I got closer I seen that they had their pants and tidy whities down around their ankles!!! I was so shook up (never seen that before at 10yrs old lol) that I almost ran over one of them. OH MY. Funny to laugh about after it was all over.
  13. scudders71

    olde but a goodie!!!

    Congrats on the bike. That looks like it will be perfect for starting out on. I always hated the thought of the first scratch or falling over with a new one. That is my excuse to ride safe, don't want to mess up the pretty paint LOL . Good luck with it.
  14. scudders71

    What do you ride (street, dirt???)

    I have the best of both worlds!! My DR will take me anywhere I want to go and alot of places I don't lol.
  15. scudders71


    UH! I want sunny and 72 here, lol. How much will the links lower your bike? I have the DR650 and it has been lowered to just the perfect height. Congrats on it and keep the shiny side up.