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  1. Yamaha

    You retard the exhaust cam one tooth on the cam chain, which lets the engine build up a little more compression on its stroke.
  2. Polaris

    I used a Yamaha Banshee fuel pit cock on mine which worked great, never had any issues after that. I also installed a 04 TRX450R 42mm stock carb and it gained from bottom to top end.
  3. Honda

    There should be a chain guard at the lower end that helps keep the chain in place. You can continue to do it your way and you will get it sooner or later. OR just take it apart!
  4. Suzuki

    Either get another carb or increase the size of the main jet.
  5. Yamaha

    You have two connectors on the carb, one is a three prong connector and the other is a two prong connector. Cut the wires one the two prong connector and tie them together.
  6. Honda

    Its either a rod bearing or crank bearing, stop trying to start it.
  7. Middle clip on the needle. Also try a #45 pilot jet.
  8. You need #25 pilot jets, #152mj left carb #156mj right carb. Make sure the carb slides are free and move up and down freely. Those pilot jets are WAY to big, stock is #22 or #23...
  9. #45 pilot jet, #172 main jet...
  10. 170 main jet, 45 pilot jet, NCVQ needle (I think), #40 leak jet... The leak jet is in the bottom of the fuel bowl, use a small flat blade screw driver to remove the old one but I think it may already have a #45 installed if so then leave it alone.
  11. Its air or fuel back in the old days, now its ignition pulse, timing curve, injectors. ect. First off check all electrical connections, maybe just your throttle position sensor is not adjusted correctly.
  12. I am not sure if these little quads have this but towards the rear I have seen a four wire plug connection that keeps the quad running. If this plug-in goes bad it will run at all. LT80's have them..
  13. Its is a gravity feed fuel system, try removing your fuel cap and see if it runs. If so then you have the vent hole clogged up in the fuel cap.
  14. Yamaha

    Check your stator, Mine did the samething. Also ohm out the coil, recheck your spark plug gap...
  15. Check you slide to make sure it is closing all the way, if so then richen up the pilot jet.