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  1. Ya shes running pretty good. Other than not wanting to idle unless shes nice and warm. Is that normal for these bikes? Starts usually with 2-3 kicks. That compression cable makes it nice and easy and is much nicer than without IMO when youre driving on the street with lots of stops. I got my plug wrench in so new plug goes in today then Im gonna play with the fuel screw to tune her out. Im also going to wait to install the bigger jets until I see shes running super lean or if I do any exhaust mods.
  2. Def like the black best, looks mean. That is a good idea though!
  3. I just dont understand why you would want to try this product if you dont care about the 'environmental' side of it. Because, to me, its fairly obvious that Mobile 1 full syn or Amsoil full syn, etc, is superior in protection against an up and coming 'green oil'. I haven't really heard from you WHY you want to try this, unless I missed that somewhere....
  4. Thats interesting. Ive never seen those before. Thanks Ill be ordering me one!
  5. Alright well that didnt last long. Just popped off. hmmm. So how do you guys make this work? I have the bark busters. I would like to have this front brake light switch working instead of relying on my rear brake light. I have the stock lever which I could cut down to fit inside the bark buster but I would like to have the ball on the end of the lever. Also I cant seem to find a short lever with the switch piece...
  6. Considering you're even thinking of using this product, you would like to have a part in a helping the environment, right? Why dont you just use full synthetic oil? The process of making synthetic or petroleum based conventional oil is similar to the effect of harmful things to the environment. But the more important thing is that synthetics are made to outlast conventional oil by 3 times or more. So less oil used. Yes it is more expensive but its going to last longer so its close to being equal. Plus better for the environment. Then again if you are recycling the oil, thats not so great either considering the better use of used oil, reuse it. I personally use synthetics in my bikes and partial synthetic in my 95 s10 truck. If there was a proven canola based or 'bio' oil that was at very minimum as good as conventional oil, you better believe I would be buying and using it....
  7. I took the switch apart last night and cleaned it. Had tons of grease in there that was keeping it from making contact to the connections. Ill pick some dialetric grease up on my way home, thanks
  8. Hmm didnt think about that. Ill search around. I was gonna study it and whip up an aluminum one. I like stock looking on lots of things, custom on others. The 250l looks great stock, colors, decals, etc.
  9. Im look for a license plate mount for my 250l. Its part of the taillight. Numbered 13 in this microfiche
  10. You may be right but those 2 little bolts hold a pretty significant piece of the pie when cruising down the road at 60mph! So you found a number in the manual? I have a factory Honda service manual and I couldnt find it! Cool thanks
  11. Thanks guys. OK good. Thats the drain screw. Is there anytime I should unscrew it and let the gas drain from it? Maybe if it sits a while? I did not take that cap off. It didnt seem to want to pop off and I didnt want to break something. Is there a technique?
  12. Ya thats what I did but Im just a stickler on torque. On my Fireblade I safety wire everything to be sure So handfeel torque it is...
  13. Im still waiting on the new jets and plug wrench but I put everything back together and shes up and running! Not sure if shes rich or lean yet though. I messed with the idle knob a bit cause she doesnt seem to want to idle that great. Is the fuel screw the screw at the bottom of the float bowl? That is screwed all the way in. I havent even adjusted anything on the carb but she seems to run good and pull decent. Also the UNI filter I put in seems to work good. Am I supposed to install the UNI filter as it comes in the package or should i disassemble the stock cage and use those screens? I didnt have any UNI oil so I used some K&N filter oil I had laying around. That should work right?
  14. Got the lights working! Ended up being the battery and a blown bulb in the tail light. Bad cell or something. Now just need to clean the contacts on the turn signal switch....
  15. I looked in the manual but cant find a torque value for the front sprocket lock bolts. Anyone help me out?