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  1. I just went through this. I have a 2016 300 XCW Six Days, got about 24 hours on it. I am a stocky 5' 8" , 210lbs and about 226 with gear. After checking the web, and seeing a bunch of discrepancies, I just called Slavens Racing,(I had already decided to buy my springs from them) , spoke to Jeff , told him my info, he had me get the 4.6 fronts and a 7.6 rear. I sent the fronts and springs to FTI suspension local here in NC, installed my rears myself. Much better setup, rear is working extremely well after I go my sag right. Fronts are where I need them, could be a tad bit better in deflection, but hey Im not riding for cash... my 2 pennies I right mostly tight woods, fire lines etc..
  2. Tra1lR1dder

    2017 300 XC W

    Proud owner of a 16 Six Days 300 xcw, I like the stock skid, one handed quick release nice for cleaning thoroughly after every ride.Added some cycra crm, fix jetting, I also replaced stock front disk guard with Acerbis, that's it for me. Ripssss
  3. Tra1lR1dder

    Jibtopia (Semora, NC) - Dirt Ride - Dec 30, Friday 10am

    Hey guys, how was the ride? Any footage. .
  4. Tra1lR1dder

    Looking for information on Hatfield McCoy's

    We rode rockhouse which is by hotel, and Bearwallow , had to drive to that one, we stayed at Colonial Motel and restaurant in Man, West Virginia , No Frills but perfect for what we needed to do
  5. Tra1lR1dder

    Looking for information on Hatfield McCoy's

    I went with a group last year we had sport quads and we ride pretty fast it was one of the best trips we have ever had we rode two the systems and stayed in Mann West Virginia the little hotel we stayed at you park your trucks and quads right in front of your door we brought a grill, it was amazing we didn't have to load the bikes up because you can get to the trail heads from the hotel as far as how the trails go you couldn't ask for more yeah they are some wide parts because of the utvs but between the elevation changes switchbacks ,rocky climbs, lenth of trails, you won't be disappointed, bike, quad UTV it doesn't matter that system is amazing just make sure you take a map and Tow straps to get you out of there great time send me a private message if you need more info
  6. Tra1lR1dder

    Jibtopia (Semora, NC) - Dirt Ride - Dec 30, Friday 10am

    So is this one only open during events like this one? Or is it a place that you can go anytime? I cant make the 12/30 ride , but would love to check it out sometime.
  7. Simply put, my riding partner had his new YZ250X stolen , no more partner. We are/were family oriented , RTP professionals who ride when we get a chance between soccer baseball birthdays and all stuff our little ones do. I ride a 2016 KTM 300XCW Six Days , we ride mostly trails but will hit a track (small) if needed. Im trying to see if anyone out in this area has the same passion , wants to ride, talk a lil smack, chat about mods, maybe have a brew after and just enjoy this moto thing. I know a few places around here (been here 10 years), but im hoping someone else will have some spots as well Let me know.
  8. Tra1lR1dder

    03 RM125 V-force Jettng needed ?

    Just got a vforce for my 03, I dont have a pipe yet. It seems to be running rich after the install, bogging low but raises hell once the revs get up. Anybody got the vforce can tell me exaclty your jetting specs ? Needle,Main, Pilot and such ? Thanks
  9. Tra1lR1dder

    my chain adjuster is too tight to move!! help

    Just a suggestion, ive had a few bad ones like that. First gently tap the outside of the swingarm ( near the bolt) with a hammer/rag or a rubber malet to try and break lose the rust. 2nd squirt any kind of bolt loosen penetrator like PB Blaster or such, spray it down right into the area, not too much , its strong. 3rd, use vice grips to loosen the bolt, ive used small ones and medium size. Just make sure you dont use too much forsce and break it off. Ive gotten some pretty tight ones off using this method. My 2 cents :-) By the way , you can buy new bolts at ACE hardware , ive found my excat fit there.
  10. This may have already been put out, but wanted everybody to see it just in case. These are PDF's Has sections for Susp and jetting also http://www.teamgreennews.ca/techside.html
  11. Tra1lR1dder

    Thinking about buying a 02' KX250

    Ive purchased 5 bikes in the lat 6 months ( i have issues ! ) but herea few thing to check which may be a repeat of the prev post. Check wheel bearings by side to side motion on frt/rear Check for recent wet fluid on fork tubes, a lil moist "may" be ok, but if its dripping or running, bad fork seals Look completly under the bike near drain bolt for extra oil or fluids Grab frt brakes push up/down on front forks, should be smooth Look at brak pads from the outside, should be a good bit on there if they are taking care of the bike Look around spark plug for extra oil seepage and around head pipe for liquid of any type The one thing that i learned that big, just push the bike, it should be real smooth. Theres more if you want shoot me an email.
  12. Tra1lR1dder

    2003 RM125 Manual

    Hey guys anybodyknow wherethere is either an online download or a place to buy the manual for my rm ? I checked all over the net, everyone has upto 2000 and my dealer says its going to be 1 month. Thx
  13. Tra1lR1dder

    service manual

    I found it on the net somewhere, its pdf's service manual