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    2009 Rock'n'Roll Poker Run, Jones Creek OHV area (WA)

    Thanks to all who showed up. We had a great group of riders this year, like every year, and the Poker Run was a great success. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and the trails were in really good condition for once. Again, Thanks! and we'll see you at the Hangover!!
  2. DanCoughlin

    WA State parks asking for $5....grrrrr

    I'm on it, Thanks Tod!
  3. DanCoughlin

    2009 Rock'n'Roll Poker Run, Jones Creek OHV area (WA)

    The best place to camp is Cold Creek CG, but it's a pretty fair haul to the staging area for the poker run. I can't tell you that you can camp somewhere near the staging area, but several do every year without incident. As far as what to expect? Expect getting hammered by some rocks, some hills, a few more rocks, some hills with rocks, and some more rocks. There might even be a boulder or two up there, ya never know. Everybody has a good time, and if you're towards the front of the pack, wait times are minimal in the gnarly sections. Oh yeah, one more thing - there's a few rocks up there! Those who are planning on attending need to make sure they've got a USFS Approved Spark Arrestor and current ORV Tags. DNR will be there to provide their usual bottleneck at the starting line and they don't write warnings during fire season.
  4. DanCoughlin

    WA State parks asking for $5....grrrrr

    Got my reply today, not at all what I expected. Looks like it's OK for our fine state to be deceitful, the legislature says so: Thank you for your e-mail dated August 7, 2009, to Attorney General Rob McKenna regarding SHB2339, a law establishing an opt-out approach to soliciting donations for state parks. Your letter was referred to me because I am legal counsel assigned to represent the Parks and Recreation Commission. You questioned whether SHB2339 should be reviewed by the Attorney General's Office as inconsistent with certain practices considered deceitful if engaged in by private business. Although the Attorney General's Office does seek to prevent deceitful practices that are prohibited under consumer protection laws, SHB2339 is a seperate law that specifically authorizes the opt-out mechanism for donations to state parks at the time of registering a vehicle. It is up to the legislature to define which practices it deems deceitful and harmful to citizens and which practices it deems in the best interest of the citizens. In this case, the Legislature decided that using the opt-out approach to stimulate donations to keep state parks open for citizens during these tough economic times would be a benefit to the state. As a result, this office is charged with enforcing this law. Please be aware that by law our office represents state agencies and officials and cannot provide legal advice to private citizens. I trust, however, that the general information which I have provided in response to your questions about SHB2339 is helpful to you. Sincerely, James R. Schwartz Assistant Attorney General P.O. Box 40100 Olympia, Washington 98504 (360)586-4034 So who's gonna be the first private business that uses deceptive tactics to rip off the general public of Washington and use SHB2339 as it's defense?
  5. DanCoughlin

    DNR update - August

    And here's the reply I received from Mark: Hi Dan Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about being unclear about the ORV Fund! You are not the only person to raise the question. The short answer is that the department does not directly receive any ORV tab money in our budget. The ORV funds we receive comes from the gas tax and why the 1/3 split provides a reasonable foundation to build the budget from. The ORV tab money that is collected goes directly to the NOVA grant program. However, if the department were to receive ORV tab fees I would create a separate program code to track expenditures in order to make sure that the money was only being used to support ORV facilities. Hope you have been enjoying the summer Mark
  6. DanCoughlin

    DNR update - August

    I already posed those questions to the author of the above e-mail message, I'm still waiting for a reply. I also forwarded it to my State Representative, but I imagine he's still hiding from the death threat mobs that have kept him from his health care public meetings.
  7. DanCoughlin

    WA State parks asking for $5....grrrrr

  8. It's almost time for the annual Jones Creek Trail Riders Rock'n'Roll Poker Run held at Jones Creek OHV area near Vancouver, Washington on Sunday August 23rd, 2008. Long course is around 40 miles, short course about 15 miles and BOTH courses are open to motorcycles and ATVS. Large prize raffle after poker run. All profits go back to the trails! More info go to www.jctra.org or email events@jctra.org
  9. DanCoughlin

    WA State parks asking for $5....grrrrr

    From the Washington State Attorney General's Website: Prizes, Promotions and Privacy: Internet businesses lure consumers with offers for “free” gifts and software trial services. Sometimes, their promotions are simply a means to collect consumers’ information that they then sell to marketers. Both traditional and online marketing campaigns may use negative-option sales, where a customer’s silence is interpreted by the seller as an acceptance of an offer. Washington’s existing laws do not specifically address these sorts of solicitations. The proposal would brings state laws into the Internet age by making sure Internet promotions are held to the same standard as direct mail, and ensure that sellers obtain a customer’s express agreement to receive and pay for goods prior to seeking payment. On his Ask the AG site I asked him how his office can take this position while the state is using the Negative-Option for vehicle licensing to donate $5 to State Parks. Many people are being ripped off unknowingly by the same State that is supposedly trying to protect the consumer. I'll post his reply if I get one.
  10. DanCoughlin

    Fire on Langille Ridge - Gifford Pinchot

    I can understand the reasoning behind letting it burn. Reports indicated that the firefighters that were up there pulled back because as they were working up the ridge, spot fires were starting behind them as burning debris was rolling down the ridge past them. Not a good spot to be in.....
  11. DanCoughlin

    Jones Creek WA - Loop Lengths?

    The DNR published map shows mileage of the loops between points indicated on the map. See it here:http://www.dnr.wa.gov/Publications/eng_rms_jones_06_full.pdf
  12. DanCoughlin

    Out of State Plate - How much can you get away with?

    Only applies to Motor Vehicles. OHV's do not need to be registered unless they are being used on public land. According to the Battleground DOL, there is no "window" that must be met to avoid the $100 penalty because there is no penalty for OHV's. I got this when attempting to register an OHV that would be used for sand only. Since there's no sand in Washington worth riding, she talked me out of registering it and sent me to Oregon for an OHV tag. She saved me about $400, and the Washington State Parks won't get any of it!
  13. DanCoughlin

    Devil's Head ISDE (Pics)

    I took over 600 pictures Sunday at the ISDE, they're being watermarked right now and I will be uploading them thruout the week. http://www.tripleateam.com/dirt/v/events/2009/Devils+Head/ I was right at the bottom of the first special test, got to see a lot of carnage up close and personal. Then I walked up about a mile from the last checkpoint and waited, and waited, and waited, I finally got bored and moved back down the hill to within about 50 yards of the checkpoint. THEN the bikes started showing up. In their original, unwatermarked form, the pics are taken at 10mp, roughly 5.25mb each. On the web, they're reduced down to 256k each. Enjoy!
  14. DanCoughlin

    The hits just keep on coming....

    The Jones Creek Trail Riders were informed this last week that the Washington Department of Natural Resources would not sign off on our upcoming 2009 NRTA (National Recreation Trails Act) Grant. As the landowner, we have to have them sign off on our grants. They are now going after the same grant money since the NOVA fund money is no longer available, and will not allow us to compete with them for that money. Eliminating the competition will allow them to fund their salaries if succesful in their own grant. This directly affects the trails that these grants are supposed to support. Instead of the money goint to active clubs that spend it on the trails, those grants will go towards keeping DNR employees employed, whether on the trail or not.
  15. DanCoughlin

    Is there a shop in Clark County?

    I supported them until Monday, they sold me a pair of wheels and tires that were supposedly to fit my Z400. When I went to bolt them up, the bolt pattern was wrong. If that wasn't bad enough they ruined the beads on two brand new Holeshot HD's and offered to do nothing to repair the wrong. Good Job Pro Cal, since then Rocky Mountain has gotten over $500 of my money and I'll be hitting Bent Lever this weekend for about the same amount. Stock up, Jason - They're dying to send customers your way!