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  1. Hey there, I have a stock E exhaust I'm not using.From the connection by your right ankle back (you seem to have the header already). I put a Yoshi pipe on when I got it. I am in Ontario Canada but if you want it, say $100? You pay shipping? -Josh
  2. kayak_shack

    Black & Yellow Stock Seat Cover? Anyone?

    Hey there, I have a yellow and blue one from my '06 E model. I took it off before I even rode the bike so it is in great shape. I know it isn't yellow and black but thought I'd let you know anyway. It's yellow on the sides and dark blue on top with blue SUZUKI on the side. If you want it you can have it for $10 to cover shipping. -JOsh
  3. kayak_shack

    How to: Eddie's mod (pics)...

    Oops, sorry Eddie, I have done JD jetting, 3x3 airbox hole and put on a SS Yoshi exhaust, so I think I'm "good to go". I just want to know if it is OK to wire the linkage instead of using a flexible O-ring? I thought the flexibility of the O-ring was needed? Thanks in advance. -Josh
  4. kayak_shack

    How to: Eddie's mod (pics)...

    Hi everyone, Is is OK to wire the FCR as shown earlier? (Eddie - care to chime in on this one?). I was under the impression than an o-ring was used so the arm could continue to move. I've been changing o-rings 2-2 times a season (annoying) on my 2006 DRZ400E. If I can just wire it and forget it I'll do it. RIding season hasn't started up here in Canada yet so I have the FCR on my workbench with a new o-ring on it. Please let me know. -Josh
  5. kayak_shack

    DRZ off-road gearing?

    Hey guys, I have a DRZ400E with stock gearing (14-47) and am thinking of gearing down a bit this winter. Right now everything is OK, first is pretty low, doesn't wheelie/loop easily and 5th can run at 110km/h on the highway no problem. Anyone running 14-49, 14-50, 14-52? Any feedback? I ride a bit of HWY to get to/from some rides but then am on really tight single track in 1st geat most of the time. I ride with 2 buddies on EXC450s running 14-52 and they seem to love it for the tight stuff we ride. I am having some problems with stalling in 1st gear on the super tight stuff. While we are on the subject let's talk chains and sprockets. I am on the stock aluminum sprockets but always ran steel on my previous bikes. I have looked at the Sidewinder Titanium sprockets and chain set but it almost $500 for the set. Worth it? Alternatives? Suggestions? Thanks in advance. -JOsh
  6. kayak_shack

    stall when rolling on throttle

    Thanks for the info Bumtarder. I guess I forgot to mention than I have an Acerbis 14L tank so the shrouds are part of the tank, that is what makes removal & installation of the tank such a nightmare. I'll get working on it soon. -Yoshi
  7. kayak_shack

    stall when rolling on throttle

    Hey everyone, Over the past 2 days I've been having some trouble. It seems that when I am off the throttle (going slow in tight trails, shifting gears, coming out of stop lights etc) and then roll the gas back on the bike either misses a few ignitions or sometimes stalls altogether. Not for in the bush but especially bad then in traffic! ANy ideas? I assume it is a carb problem and will probably drain the gas tank and clean the carb whenever it finally stop raining. But this is a BIG pain in the A$$, with my Unabiker rad guards on! In the meantime if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. FYI - my last fill-up before this started happening was from a small gas station in the boonies where I have gotten bad gas a few years ago that clogged up my KLR's carb. Thanks. -Yoshi
  8. kayak_shack

    best rack for an E model?

    Hey guys, Looking for a decent rack for my 2006 DRZ400E. Not to carry any super heavy loads but would be nice if it was sturdy enough to pull on when I'm stuck. Preferrably nothing too huge, square or high up off the fender. I like the TOnns Raching one but their website is dead. ANyone know if they are still in business? http://members.iinet.net.au/~acclaim2/Mikes%20Motorcycle%20Page/DRZ400E%20K7%202007%20a%20005b.jpg Other suggestions? -Josh
  9. kayak_shack

    extra wattage? H4 helmet light?

    Hey guys! I know the DRZ puts out 200W from the alternator and the headlight is a 55/60W. On my E model I am running LED signals and tail/brake lights so not much more there. No computer or other electrical accessories at all. Not sure how many watts the ignition etc. needs. So how many more watts can I draw when riding? I was wondering if I could run another 55/60W headlight without draining my battery? Why doesn't anyone make a helmet light with a regular H4 headlight bulb? I think it would be plenty bright and WAY cheaper than an HID helmet light. Any thoughts? -JOsh
  10. kayak_shack

    Plasma-CAM project ideas?

    Hey there folks, We finally got our Plasma-CAM machine installed at work this past week. Still some tweeking to do but it is basically working. So I can now cut steel or aluminum into intricate custom patterns with it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about it is a computer controlled arm for a plasma cutter, see these videos: Of course cool metal signs WILL be cut and company logos are easy too. But I was thinking of maybe custom rad guard face plate? (although I just installed my Unabikers), brake reservoir guards, headlight guards, etc. ANy ideas? -Josh
  11. kayak_shack

    Wanted - E model stock can

    Hey aspencop! I have a stock E can in great shape from my 06 DRZ400E. I did drill out the end cap for a bit more flow (still quiet). No dents or dings. Only used less than a full season. Bad news is I am in Ontario so shipping might be $$$? The muffler new lists for $270. How about $150 and you pay shipping? I can send you pics if you want. EMail me personally if you want to try to set up a deal. -JOsh discostu AT sympatico DOT ca
  12. kayak_shack

    DRZ-400E Seat Height

    Hey Warren, I bought a DRZ-E this past winter and I am also vertically challenged. I removed the seat cover and cut and shaved 1-1.5 inches out of it. THen I got some black vinyl from Walmart and some short (1/4 inch I think) staples and recovered it. ONly took a few hours & now it's great. After removing the cover carefully measure and mark where you want to cut. Then grab mom's electric turkey carving knife (or buy a cheap one for $10) and start sawing. Use some coarse sandpaper to smooth out lumps and round the edges before recovering. Here a few articles to help, too. -Josh http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/howto/cut_motorcycle_seats/index.html http://dirtbike.off-road.com/dirtbike/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=400498
  13. Hey Eddie & others, I got a great deal on a Yoshimura slip on (I know, the Titanium full system is the way to go, but I don't have $700). Anyway, I'm wondering what jetting changes I should make when I install the pipe? Is it worth it to buy the JD kit to get to most out of the pipe? Currently I am running the following: 165 main jet pilot fuel jet 48 fuel screw out 2.5 turns from closed needle on 4th or 5th clip from top on stock needle snorkel removed exhaust end cap drilled out about 1500ft above sea level I also did the Taffy and o-ring mod but still want some more low end torque. Thanks in advance -Josh
  14. kayak_shack

    DRZ400E same valve specs as S?

    Hey guys, I got a 2006 demo E model this spring and it was said to have under 1000kms on it at the time (sprockets looked new). I have put a couple thousand kms on it since and just remembered I should check the valves. I don't have an E model manual, just the S one. Are the valve clearances the same? Intake: 0.10~0.20mm (0.0039~0.0079 in) Exhaust: 0.20~0.30mm (0.0079~0.0118 in) Also, I have never done valves before so any good links on how to's for this type of valves (shim under bucket). I'm pretty handy/mechanical though and should be able to do it once I get a set of feeler guages. I guess I'll need to order the correct shims once I check 'em? SO far I have the S service manual and this website on how to CHECK the valves: http://www.pegmonkey.com/howto/valve_adjust/drz400 Thanks in advance for your help. -Josh
  15. kayak_shack

    Yoshi slip on worth it?

    Hey everybody, I've read a bunch of posts, looked at dyno graphs etc and am hoping for a few specific details on the Yoshimura slip on (Stainless steel). I can get a like new one for $250 Canadian. I KNOW the titanium full system is the best but I will not be spending $700++ on a pipe system. I have a 2006 DRZ400E, my jetting: 165 main jet pilot fuel jet 48, fuel screw out 2.5 turns from closed, needle on 4th or 5th clip from top, snorkel removed exhaust end cap drilled out. I live at about 1500ft above sea level. The guy with the pipe doesn't know if the quiet insert is in or not (the insert is also the spark arrestor I believe so it should be in). I am primarily concerned about noise - I don't ride places where there are db limits often but don't want to drive myself/riding buddies crazy when riding. QUESTIONS: 1. How loud is the slip on with the quiet insert? I don't need db levels but a general opinion, maybe compared to stock, other bikes or something. 2. How much is it to buy a replacement quiet insert/spark arrestor if this one is missing? 3. How much lighter is the slip on compared to the stock exhaust? 4. Will the less than 1hp gain be even noticeable (with rejetting - I am planning to get the JD kit with the pipe)? 5. Is a used slip on worth $250? Looks like it is in great shape. Thanks in advance for your opinions. -Josh