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  1. SacRider

    Manual As Daily Drivers

    Going back to an automatic? Not for me. I'm been driving manual transmission cars for years and these are my pros/cons: The Good: Makes any car fun to drive, more fuel efficiency, most people won't be able to drive your car, you get more power out of your car. The bad: Except for having to learn how to use a manual transmission properly, none whatsoever. Btw, I drive a manual 6-speed Nissan Frontier (daily driver) and a 04 350z (weekend fun).
  2. SacRider

    Unable to reach top rpms after new top end

    Thanks guys, it was the pv. The same problem as Firecracker's with the long bolt. Fixed it and now bike works awesomely!
  3. I have 02 125sx and my friend recently helped me put a new top end on it. Fired up fine on the second kick, no apparent problems at all. Then took it for the break in procedure to the nearest ohv park. It was there when I noticed that the motor would not reach the top rpms, in other words, it would not scream even at wide open throttle, it will quickly reach the mid range and it just stayed there. It doesnt make any weird sounds, its not lacking any noticeable power from the midrange down and its not fouling any plugs. It just wont reach the top rpms. Anybody knows what the problem could be? jetting, pvalve, piston ring maybe? Btw, During the break in procedure I did not gave it wide open throttle, short shifting, etc. It was after the break in when i noticed the problem. Thanks in advance!
  4. SacRider

    Water with flavor no good?

    Thanks, very helpful
  5. SacRider

    Water with flavor no good?

    I have heard from many numerous sources that part of a good health and training habit is to drink plenty of water but my question is, does this water have to be just plain water or can it have some flavor to it. I heard from one person that plain water is alot better than flavored water because it doen't have all the sugar and extra chemicals. Is this just a myth? is it harmful to drink too much flavored water? I can drink lots of water but it has to have some flavor, plain water is just not appealing to me. If anyone knows more about this stuff I would really appreciate it if you can clarify this stuff for me. Thanks in Advance!
  6. check this video out, probably a repost and/or old but a good video nonetheless.
  7. white background (weird) on tt
  8. SacRider

    What do you think of my helmet

    I liked it except for the back logo:thumbsup:
  9. SacRider

    Arenacross Battle

    That looked like a Tyler Evans moment...
  10. SacRider

    took me all night but i think i got it down now!

    No offense but i didn't like any of of them
  11. SacRider

    some amusing vids

    I liked the first one
  12. SacRider

    how mental is this guy

    big balls, small brain type of guy
  13. SacRider

    Best 125 2 smoker?

    ktm, but revalve suspension
  14. SacRider

    Works or Fake??

    it's a fake
  15. SacRider

    Back to two stroke

    I say get the 125. I went from a 250 two-stroke to the 125 and I'm almost twice as fast, specially in the corners. I also don't get tired as fast.