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  1. TonyLarman

    2007 250XCF-W Deal or No Deal?

    I paid just under $6800 for my 07 250xcf, that is tax and all. I have no regrets. It's a great bike, my first KTM and really glad I made the decision to go orange. You will not be dissapointed!
  2. TonyLarman

    "You get what you pay for"

    As you can now see, DONE.
  3. TonyLarman

    "You get what you pay for"

    Brainwashed? Well, maybe if you say so. I'd rather just think that I know a good thing when I taste it, hear it, smell it, touch it, or see it. BTW I do still own and love my other brand bikes. But now I have a first hand appreciation for what my friends have been saying about their KTM experience.
  4. That old saying pretty well sums up how I feel about my recent purchase and day riding my new 250xcf. What a great bike! This is my first KTM. Several friends persuaded me to give the KTM a good look after owning about every other brand. I'm really glad I did and very happy with my purchase. It's unbeleivable the interest other people have in these bikes. I've bought several new bikes in the last few years but never had so many people come over to look at my bike, show interest in it, and ask so many questions. For the woods/trail riding we do, I'm convinced that KTM makes THE bike to have. I know I'm "preaching to the choir, but wanted to add my 2cents.
  5. Thursday I spent over the phone $6,850 for a bike I've never seen (other than pictures) nor ridden. Sure hope I made the right call. Pick it up Monday. The dealer here only had 1 xcf left, which was fine since I had settled my mind on the xcf over the W anyway. I now ride a yz250f for trails/woods only and personally prefer it over my buddy's WR. Some have said you can't go wrong with either. If you've ridden the bike, what do I have to look forward to? I CAN'T WAIT!
  6. TonyLarman

    I possibly found a stolen bike!!!

    It's not just bikes that are stolen! From my locked van on May 18 in Harlan county,Ky I had stolen 2 new uniforms, 2 pair Alpinestars, 3 helmets, goggles, gloves, 1 brand new chest protector, 1 used, 1 youth helmet and 1 youth pair boots. It happened while we were asleep not far from the van between 2am and 6am. Needless to say I was not happy. 4 hours from home, basically the middle of nowhere, and NO GEAR. Add gear to do not buy (if you suspect) list.
  7. TonyLarman

    KTM made it look easy, why?

    I've never ridden the 250xcw, but I can sure agree with the ability of the XR. Had a xr250 myself for a short time, it would climb a wall but for me lacked snap in the throttle. I have an unmodded cr250 that my son rides and I can tell you there's no way I'd try those hills on that bike. Yes, rider inability!
  8. TonyLarman

    KTM made it look easy, why?

    I appreciate what your saying, because what we saw that day was one guy screaming his CR and the other guy riding his KTM like a tractor up that hill. There's no question rider skill plays into all this, but it was the effortless way that the KTM climbed that impressed me. A 2st that seemed to climb more as you'd see a 4st perform. The way that particular bike was set-up (he said from the factory) tells me that for trail riding/woods KTM knows their stuff. I for one was pretty impressed!
  9. TonyLarman

    CR250 for $300

    Good point, we'll see.
  10. TonyLarman

    CR250 for $300

    This is the scenario that has me a little reluctant to jump on the deal. Like I said, We don't really NEED the bike, but if a simple fix is all that's necessary why not. Sometimes it's good to hear from those who can give you a real case experience. I'll go look at the bike, talk to him a little more and make a decision. Thanks for your input!
  11. TonyLarman

    KTM made it look easy, why?

    While riding wednesday we were watching people climb (or attempt to climb) some long steep hills in Ky. One guy made several attempts on his cr250, finally after alot of effort he made it. Another guy effortlessly (it seemed) climbed a similiar hill on his 03 250exc or xc whatever it was. I asked him about his bike, he said he bought it new and thats the way the bike was set-up. What made the KTM go up that hill in what seemed like a pretty easy way, other than rider skill?
  12. TonyLarman

    Kickstand off of an "x" for an "r"

    I beleive the company to check with is Promotobillet.com who sells the kickstands called "kickit". Purchased one for my yz250f last year and love it. Wednesday while riding, I noticed at one point my son looking all over for a tree to lean his bike next to. Really made me appreciate my $125 investment! Check them out it's been great for me.
  13. TonyLarman

    CR250 for $300

    Yesterday someone at work offered to sell me his 99 CR250 for $300.00. He has part of the engine apart, apparently it needs piston, rings etc. also the cylinder wall is scored or whatever and is in need of repair. He claims it can all be done for around another $300. He's probably right. I'm no mechanic, although I do the regular maintenance on my 2 bikes now (yz250f and cr250) and I have rebuilt top end of two KX125's. Could the bike be bored to larger piston? It's not that I need another bike, but I'm having a hard time passing up this deal. Repaired it's got to be worth $1200.00 What do you think? If the rest of the bike is decent should I pick it up? THANKS
  14. TonyLarman

    What mods for woods/hillclimbing???

    I guess what I meant by the emphasis on hillclimbing is that I'm wanting good low end power for climbing moderate hills. Nothing death defying. I have a 250f that gives good tractor like power for the places we go. The 4st is much more forgiving on hills, but I'd really like to ride this 2st and want to do some things that will give me more confidence. I'm not the greatest rider in the world and when the r's would drop on my 125, it kind'a left me hanging a few times.
  15. I have an 03 CR250r which is bone stock. I'd like to do the best mods for the money that you feel will make it a great woods / trail / hillclimbing bike. (especially hillclimbing) What do you guys with experience suggest I do to transform this machine? Please tell me what to do. jetting / exhaust / flywheel weight / reeds etc. I'm all ears!!! Thanks for your suggestions!