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  1. I posted some ? in another post about the CRF80/70 but what about the Yamaha TT-R90E? its Elec start!
  2. OK I am getting the 80 I just found out that I wont be able to leave work to make the 90 mile trip to get the bike. So I have a ? .. I have the Honda Card.. can I send my brother to get the bike with the card? The dealer is closed now and I wont to send him to go get it at 7am in the morning before they open so I cant call and ask the dealer. I dont want him to get all the way down there and they wont take the card. They shouldnt even ask or will they? Whoops...what about the Yamaha TT-R90E?..its Elec start!
  3. I have a BIG flat pasture field..no trees etc in it. About 8 acres of flat
  4. But then a lot of people maybe started on clutch bikes...did they even have autos in the 70s and 80s? Kids learn quick! The CRF 80 is hard to pass up at 1383.00 new the KLX is 1699.00 the 300.00 will buy helmet etc. I had a YZ 100 at age 12 and was zipping around on it in no time. But since its my kid I have got this AUTO thing in my head. When maybe its nothing to worry about.
  5. I have the $$$ for a new one so thats what I will get. A Honda dealer about 150 miles from me has the CRF70 new for only $983.00 and the 80 for $1383.00. So why would I buy a used one for 700.00 or more. Thanks
  6. I have a 10 year old so..avg size. I want to get him his first bike he has never rode one. I am having a hard time decideing on which one. The 70 is auto but he might grow out of it by the end of summer. Then I just have to get a cluth bike then anyway. Any input or advice will help Thanks