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  1. Thanks all. This was helpful, and I had not seen the easternbeaver link for the OEM connectors before. For future reference, on my 2004 WR450f the blue wire is for the taillight and the black is ground. On the UFO fender, the white wire is for the taillight, the brown is ground, and the white and green wire is presumably for a brake light.
  2. Hi all, While I am fairly adept mechanically, I readily admit that electric just isn't my thing. I have a brand-new UFO rear fender for my '04, with the taillight under the fender like on later models. The challenge is that the wires on the new fender are way to plug into the female connector on the bike. So my questions there some way to easily pull the male connector off the OEM rear fender? Barring that, I may have to do some cutting. What size are these wires? And what would be a suitable replacement connector? I have an electric crimping pliers, but virually no knowledge in this area. Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yup. Besides, it looks like it's going to be awfully difficult to engineer a decent-sized offroad tank and quick-access air filter compartment.
  4. Here's a Google Earth image which pretty plainly shows the gully and where I remember the blowhole to be located. The gully is about six miles south of Erendira and easy to find on Google Earth. Now, will someone IM me regarding this single-track? Just tell me if it's north or south of the gully and I'll find it easy enough.
  5. Here's the blowhole that BBM and others mention, south of Erendira. It's actually more impressive than it seems in the picture, but the tide has to be just right. As stated, it's about 100-150 yards south of a rocky gully that makes up something of a right-hand turn in the main road. I don't know about this this a joke? Since this road is so heavily traveled these days? Also, if you want to spice up this Santo Tomas-to-San Quintin route, ride the rocky beaches (w/ the baseball size rocks) as much as possible. Also, don't go from the Santo Tomas gas station straight out to the coast. Go the 'longer' route from the freeway (prior to getting to Santo Tomas) out to the lighthouse and then head south. That can add 40 or more miles to the day. I understand if this doesn't make much sense. I can probably dig up a .gpx if needed.
  6. One quick addition...I wish they made this in a tan/coyote brown color. That would be the best.
  7. For all but the longest unsupported rides, or riding in extremely hot weather, the flight vest is unmatched by ANY backpack. You know that feeling when you try something new and realize that it is light-years ahead of the way you did things before? Like when you first used a camelbak vs. water bottles? Or a digital camera vs. film? Or a GPS vs. an almanac? That's the feeling you'll have after your first ride with the flight vest. Seriously. You have infinitely better access to your stuff - it holds plenty - it positions weight better on your shoulders and back - it's comfortable and works better than a backpack with a chest protector. It's also relatively inexpensive - I got mine brand-new off Ebay a couple years ago for $70.00 - $80.00. For multi-day rides I've worn a backpack over the flight vest and, while not ideal, it works fine. If the rear storage compartments were linked and could fit a bulky jacket and clothes, this would not be necessary. Ogio, are you listening? Everyone who rides Baja should try one of these. That's not a statement I make lightly. Ben
  8. That road between Puertocitos and Gonzaga has claimed a LOT of victims. It is definitely a place to be extra-careful, and I'll be damn glad when they pave it one day.
  9. Already an epic thread. Great stories BD. Give this man some gas!
  10. +1000. Cannot wait to see the pictures.
  11. Nice use of your pics and youtube! Timing looks good to me, and that noise in the video would definitely concern me. You're 100% positive it's coming from the valvetrain? Cam chain tensioner was tightened correctly? My best advice would be to shoot grayracer513 (mod of the YZ400/426/450 forum) a PM and have him take a look at this thread. He could write a book about these bikes and might have some wisdom to impart. Good luck Ben
  12. I've heard about this ride for years. An after-action report is a must. Anxiously awaiting... Ben
  13. That looks absolutely fantastic. My compliments. Vinyl and a hair to elaborate? Exactly what kind of vinyl and where did you purchase it? Online? A craft store? Thanks in advance.
  14. Wow. I've read through this whole thread and am just floored. Let me add my best wishes for a speedy recovery. What makes this all the more shocking is that this is an area which is very frequently traveled by off-roaders. I've been right by this stockpond at least a dozen times, and seen other riders at the junction to the northwest (where the road comes in from the west) on many of those occasions. I might have been less surprised if this occurred around Laguna Hansen, where new fences, gates, and angry landowners are becoming fairly common, but here? I'm looking forward to hearing more about the specific circumstances. Perhaps an interesting sidebar...the earthen dam on the southern edge of this stockpond completely obscures the view of the water if approaching from the south, and doesn't rise up enough to look like a dam. If you ride the trail which goes north toward the pond and then veers west around it you ride within 200 feet or so of the pond...but never see it. I would bet an ice chest full of cold beer that many folks who ride this trail never even know its there.
  15. So...word is that none of the aftermarket companies will be making a white headlight cowl, and information regarding the Australian white cowl is nonexistent. I checked out an OEM site and the stock blue cowl is only about $14.00. If I had an '07 or '08 I would get a couple and try to paint them with spray plastic paint. I hate the idea, but judging by the luck that others on TT have had with some of these new-generation spray paints, I bet that it would look pretty good after a few coats. Anyone want to try this?? Ben