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  1. mmikulak

    03' v 06' Z400

    03 had frame cracking problems and swingarm was redesigned.
  2. mmikulak

    Starter Quad LT50?

    I bought my 4 year old son an 03 LT50. In my opinion kids NEED a footbrake. LT's are pretty slow. I had to modify his to get it to move. I also recommend wheel spacers to widen it. They have no torque for hills. My sons hands were big enough and he is a little guy. He now is 7 and has an old E-ton 90 that we got from a neighbor. I put a footbrake kit on and he loves it. Unforunately for the little kids I didn't see much. Mike in AZ
  3. mmikulak

    06' LTZ400 chain adjustment ?

    It isn't the screws fault. You don't have a good screwdriver. Although the screws are soft the pitch of the japanese screws is different from most screwdrivers. Vise grips.
  4. mmikulak

    01 426 air leak?!! Please help!!!

    I have a Brand new DRZE intake boot from Carb to Head. If that is your problem. Wouldn't work with my custom application. 7 bucks shipped.
  5. mmikulak

    YSA Motorsports AZ

    Yes they are part of the Ridenow family. I went to one in FL while visiting my bro. They are tools there in Tampa too.
  6. Eddie, can you delete this post? I had some other issues with the carb. The AP diaphragm was upside down and the main air passage was almost 100% clogged. After all that you were right it was the squirt. Thanks again. Mike
  7. Like Eddie said, The airjet is just a hole under the mouth of the carb at 6 O clock position. Just did the same mod on the same bike from a 04YFZ.
  8. mmikulak

    im the market

    Where are you in AZ. You can get the LTR450 for about 6900 out the door. Best quad out there IMO. The YFZ is faster but there are ways around that.
  9. mmikulak

    raptor 700 vs quadracer r450

    Hands down the LTR450.. I go to the sand drags here in AZ and the LTR and the YFZ are out front. I can beat a 700R with my KFX. I am not stock tho. I can't beat a LTR450 yet.
  10. This happens because of the screw head pattern/pitch. It doesn't work well with any screwdriver I have found. The reason I know this is because I work for Hitachi medical. The machines come with a ugly wooden handle + screwdriver. I have never stripped the heads on a screw with this screwdriver on any carb bowl. It is the BEST screwdriver I have ever used. It works on any screw that came from japan. I wish there was a way you guys could buy one. Convert yours over to metric allen.
  11. I see some of the FCR mods are removing the pilot air jet. Sometimes I see they are replacing it with a screw and srping. Are they leaving it open otherwise?? Is that typical for the YFZ carb? Mike in AZ
  12. Thanks Eddie. WIll try that
  13. Needle has no markings on it. It does have 7 clip slots.
  14. I will get that needle out in about an hour and give ya the code. how did you adapt the carb to the air boot? I used stock airbox boot and stretched stock head boot.
  15. Thanks Eddie for answering .. When you say fix the squirt do you mean the duration?? I did fix the hiting of the slide but it got worse. The way I knew it was hitting the slide was the small bit of residue on the slide. Now when I am testing I am just barely hitting the throttle, just enough to pump the AP. Is it mandatory to spike it?? I don't know what needle. It has about 7 positions. Is there an ID on it??? If so I will get back to ya. What do you think of the pilot?? 45 too small?? Sorry for all the questions.. You should charge $$$ for the education.. Mike in AZ