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  1. Thanks guys. Big fun! Thanks to Kevin for the beer and ribs. Thanks to Harry and Tom for keeping the public displays of affection to a minimum.
  2. Kevin, I'm still in. I'll be at the Circle K on Tanque Verde at 9:30. Forest
  3. Yikes. I remember Manitowoc. My advice: move. Make it happen. We get snow, but only for one day every couple years. Cheers.
  4. I just had a KLR for a week. Sorry, but its a dog. Terrible suspension and the brakes are a disgrace. You'll really like the DRZ. The KLR is only better at droning along on the highway. And the wide seat on pavement. Definitely try a DRZ.
  5. What to bring: shade - one of those pop tent shade things place to sit - folding chair lots to drink - water, gatorade tire pressure gauge and pump Have fun.
  6. Chris138, The topbox is a cheapo from JC Whitney. Not the greatest but it worked.
  7. You'll be fine just stop every once in a while. My longest trip on the DRZ was 2,666 miles in mexico. It included two 11 hour days, stopping only for gas. One of these days was offroad, the other on pavement. Too many hours will hurt the ass. You may want to try to do something with the seat. Sheepskin or what have you. Wear earplugs. They're a must.
  8. Desert Panther, I'm also in Tucson. Are you up for a dualsport ride when it cools down? The track is Arroyo Seco in NM. The leathers fit great. I sold my leathers when I got rid of the sportbike. The track had loaners, but was broken into the week I went, and they stole almost all the loaners. I figure it just made it more embarrasing if you got passed by a dirtbike and pink leathers.
  9. Yes, I put the stock DeathWings back on and ran the stock gearing. I figure I was only doing high 80s on the straights but it felt fast. When I took the sportbike out it was probably doing 150mph, but didnt feel very exciting.
  10. I took my DRZ to the track. Two years ago I did one level of Superbike school with a sportbike and hated it. The DRZ was lots more fun. Way more fun to ring the snot out of the little motor and feel the rear sliding and chattering. It was all new sportbikes, no more than 3 years old and me on a dirtbike. Half the guys were racers practicing, half were street riders. Not too many people, so the track was open all day to everyone. Check out the pink leathers. I couldn't decide between foot forward style or hanging off style, so I did neither and just rode. It looks so slow, though. Then the camera batteries died so we only got a few pics. I was worried that I'd be the slowest guy there and holding things up. But the DRZ was as fast as the rest of street guys in the corners, and faster than the slow guys. Of course, the racers were faster everywhere and the DRZ got blasted by everyone on the straights. It was a real tight course which made it more fun on the dirtbike. My friend Lee on the Gixxer. I'll do it again, just get better tires.
  11. Emissions testing on motos is retarded. I thought Arizona recently stopped the motorcycle emissions testing. Has the change not taken effect yet?
  12. You can just get some foil reflective HVAC tape from the hardware store/home depot. Cheap and I haven't had any problems.
  13. Look at the Tonn's Racing rack. Tell them to powdercoat it black.
  14. It's pavement. A 1.1 mile roadcourse, a pretty tight course. Yes, I'm going to put the stock Trailwings back on.
  15. I'm taking my 400S to a road course trackday. ...on Deathwings. Will I survive? Anybody else done it? Any setup tips? Maybe I'll take off the topbox.