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  1. Your suspension should not cost too much more than tech10s. Decent suspension can be had for around $700 while tech10 boots cost $550.
  2. Try chasing the threads for the bolt. Please don't weld it as this will only make it harder to repack in the future. Also, if need be you can drill out the hole, tap new threads in it, and install a larger bolt.
  3. It would look really sweet, in my opinion, if you left the fender green with green hand guards and a green front number plate. It's what the Pro Circuit guys did, and it looks really nice.
  4. I'll second the XR400. One of the best bikes ever made simply for its durability. Those things are invincible and easily made street legal for cheap. I want one.
  5. you can just push the piston back in with your hands from the outside. Just push on the back of the pad furthest from the piston and, with enough force, the piston will slowly slip back in. This way, you don't risk scratching your pads and damaging the smooth surface they have developed.
  6. I live in southern Idaho, but attend school in northern Idaho. It sucks being this far away from my bikes but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Being in this situation just makes the time I do get to spend riding that much better. Spring break is in two days and I plan on tearing it up all break. Ride on! Besides, having my bikes here would be way too distracting as I would always want to be working on them when I should be working on school stuff. But that's just my opinion.
  7. I say keep everything as it is now, except maybe for the seat. It looks like you could use a new one.
  8. I live in Idaho Falls. However, I am currently attending the University of Idaho in Moscow.
  9. I believe if you are racing an AMA sanctioned event, then yes. Local racing authorities would be the ones to tell you, however, because they most like make up the rules for your local track.
  10. just be very sure to watch for others as the dunes can be very dangerous with all the stupid people running around. Always look before going over anything. It is better to go slower and be safe than be the fastest person who flys over a razorback and breaks their neck. Be careful out there.
  11. Here's mine...
  12. Having nicer parts on your bike does not give you an advantage. Motocross is so much about the rider that having a nice exhaust or fancy, light hubs will not make you any better. It will simply give your sponsors exposure. The best thing for going faster is having your bike set up right and then practice, practice, practice. So, if your sponsors help you set up your bike and then help you practice by paying you or giving you a track to ride on, then yeah, that is an advantage. Anyone receiving these luxuries, however, has earned it.
  13. Looks unique. Leave it for a while and then you can change it later. Love the e30.
  14. You live in Idaho Falls. A block from me, to be exact.