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  1. That is my understanding also, I just want to make sure that I dont have to adjust any cam timing if I do elect to go with the 04 CDI
  2. One more question for you gray. Do you know much different the degree of the lobe centers are between the 06 and 04? I found an 04 CDI and an 07 for sale, and am just trying to decide between them.
  3. Once again gray, you have answered everything I needed. Thanks for everyones input.
  4. So I am looking at the 07 CDI for my 06 since I found a good deal on a brand new OEM one... I assume I have to adjust the cam timing?
  5. Another quick question... I have basically zero experience when it comes to electrical stuff, but i am wrong to assume its basically a plug and go procedure? or is a little more extensive to swap out the CDI?
  6. Oh, thanks! I was unaware that the years prior to '06 would work as well. That makes my ebay shopping even easier!
  7. Okay, I think thats what is throwing most of these bozos behind the counter off. They kept telling me that they had different part numbers, but I told them that its probably because they are different maps not different housings. But thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
  8. I figured it would work as well, but I called the local yamaha dealer and their service dept said they are different. But I think I remember seeing the same part #'s for aftermarket CDIs for 06-08 450s. So I am very hesitent to believe them...
  9. Hey guys, my 06 450 CDI took a poop and I need a new one. So I have two questions... Will an 07 CDI work on an 06? And does anybody have any input on aftermarket CDIs? Thanks -Darren
  10. Well my valves checked okay and flywheel key was in place. Is it possible I put the rings in incorrectly?
  11. yeah, i put the rings in, so ill check my valve clearance again. I doubt my flywheel key is dislodged, but its always a possibility i fudged it up somehow... But thanks for the info gray. if it doesnt work, ill be back.
  12. Okay guys, I am stumped. I recently put a new top end in my '06 and when i put everything back together there was no compression. I rechecked my timing today and made sure the decompression release was in proper working order. As to my knowledge my valves were perfect when I put it back together. I will pull my head off again this weekend, but I need something else to check. Any suggestions?
  13. So not all that long ago, I had a crank bearing go sour on my 06 450, which caused my stator to malfunction. After replacing both, I took the blue beast out to the desert and it was running great. I came back from a ride, and when I went to take off for another, absolutely nothing. No spark. First guess of mine was that maybe my killswitch had a little short in it, but I disconnected that, so I could check that off the list. So I guess that leaves the stator and CDI. Any suggestions as to what may have caused this or where I should look?
  14. well there was quite a bit metal in there. so i am assuming you are correct there. Any ideas about the frozen kickstarter?
  15. Hey guys, I am real confused at the moment. My 06 has been having some problems lately, and quite frankly i have no clue what the problem is. First, I had a stator problem, which was fixed. I took the bike to the track, and it ran fine for a while, then towards the end of the day it began to get kind of sputtery and would just cut out. So I called it a day. I came home and did an oil change and there was an awful lot of metal on my magnetic drain plug (I am not sure if that is significant or not, it was just way more than usual.) Started the bike, and everything seemed fine. Took it up and down the street a few times and it shut off real abruptly like it did when the stator went out the first time. I started it again though without a problem and when i was coming back up my street it did the same thing, but this time the kickstarter was completely frozen, but the rear wheel wasnt locked. Where should I begin looking?? Any input is appreciated