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  1. http://promoto.tv/09H&HRND04.html great race, Kendall Norman and Russ Pearson and Destry Abbott have a battle for lead, an dthey all got lost at different times at least once! classic stuff, hope you guys dig it. -Beau :banghead:
  2. http://promoto.tv it was epic conditions with a huge storm passing through the desert the day before the race. No dust, perfect traction, great battles. check it out! -beau
  3. It was a really tough day, high winds made it brutal for everyone out there. Russ Pearson won but David Kamo was right on his heels all the way to the checkers. Destry Abbott got 3rd and was pretty disappointed as he obviously was the fastest but was plagued by a empty first kick on the dead engine start and a flat rear tire on both loops. The Husky team was out in force and looking good, with Ty Davis and Gary Sutherlin both running up front. We shot this all in HD so it look a lot better than last year quality wise, I hope you guys enjoy it let me know what you think! to watch video click here: http://promoto.tv -Beau Cottington
  4. single track can be dangerous, i was pretty lucky this time! just got a sprained wrist and a bunch of bruising. http://www.break.com/usercontent/2008/12/Head-on-Collision-Caught-on-Helmet-Camera-off-road-motorcycle-616410.html

    Endurocross Finals Video

    fixed the link sorry dudes
  6. total carnage!!! :bonk: :bonk: http://promoto.tv/exfinals.html
  7. So after a brief account deletion i am back on thumpertalk, hopefully to stay this time! lol here is the video it was epic! http://promoto.tv/exfinals.html -Beau
  8. http://promoto.tv/hundreds.html special thanks to 100's mc and ryan sanders, we had a great weekend!
  9. it is for the balancer gear, you remove the bolt and put in a special tool to get it out.
  10. having a little trouble finding info about a particular bolt in my clutch cover (in the photo marked with a red arrow), I need to remove the whole clutch cover to replace my water pump seals and i am hesitant to pull this hex/allen key bolt out of fear of the unknown... lol can anyone tell me what it does? any tricks to pulling off the clutch cover on a XCF? thanks -Beau
  11. Hey everyone, We have the new video from round 7 of the national hare & hound series from Wendover, NV online now! The photo gallery should be online within a day or so, we have a TON of great photos courtesy of Brad Bently and Trevor Snapp. Destry took 4th overall and sealed the deal for his 2008 championship goal, Russ Pearson took the win with David Kamo in tow for 2nd. Local TJ Hanifin rounded off the podium, a big finish for him no doubt especially with the home fans and family there. On a sad note, Josh Morros hit a G-out tapped in fifth and lawn darted suffering serious face and head injuries, among other serious injuries. He is currently in a chemically induced coma at Salt Lake Hospital to better recover from brain swelling and lung problems. Info is scarce right now but check online I am sure a detailed story of his injuries and condition will be posted soon. Until then please keep Josh in your thoughts and prayers! Here is the video link, thanks for the support! Regards, -Beau Cottington http://promoto.tv/08H&HRND07.html
  12. ELBEAU

    more video clips from my DVD!

    thanks guys glad you like it! much more to come this year. canada shipping is the same, no worries.($5) -beau
  13. I posted a few more clips from my DVD online, tell me what you think! thanks for your support! -Beau http://abstractcollective.com/focus-trailer01.html click on the "more clips" link to see the additonal videos
  14. http://promoto.tv/08H&HRND06.html Awesome weekend out in utah, very hot and dusty! kawasaki ran away with it. let me know what you think! -Beau
  15. Destry Abbot ran away with the win, looks like the championship is his to lose! check it out! -Beau http://promoto.tv/08H&HRND06.html