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  1. I have always gotten across when I only have a copy of the registration at San Ysidro, Otay and Mexicali, but only after various amounts of hassle. In my experience they really seem to have stepped up their insistence on originals this year and I bring the original every time now.
  2. emyhrer

    Ridiculous 5 hr 32 min at Otay Mesa

    Yes, you can bring bikes in the back of your truck or even with a Joe Hauler. I have been doing that for years without any problems. Trailers are a no-go, even small ones just for the bike.
  3. emyhrer

    New Southbound Border Crossing Opened in TJ

    El Chaparral is the new southbound crossing only, the northbound crossing remains the same as it is now.
  4. emyhrer

    gripping the bike with knees

    As 2Ply said it depends on how fast you are going as well as how rough the terrain is. In my experience, the faster you are going fast across rough terrain the tighter you have to hold on with your legs. Like you I am tall (6'4"), so it's not necessarily the knees i hold on with, more with the lower legs. For me it also helps to bend more at the hips while still keeping the head over the bars (knees only have a slight bend). The taller you are the further back the butt will be. Not holding on with the legs when going 40-50 mph+ through whoops or just rough stuff seems like a recipe for disaster to me.
  5. emyhrer

    Is dirtwise worth it?

    I took the class last year and had a blast, learned a lot, and think Shane is an excellent teacher.
  6. emyhrer

    Class Warfare- 2012 BAJA 500 Preview

    There are some pictures up on Race Dezert of Kendall prerunning over the weekend: http://www.race-dezert.com/forum/showthread.php/104356-Prerun-phots-Baja-500-by-Speedy?p=1419917&viewfull=1#post1419917
  7. emyhrer

    Baja cell coverage

    I think this has been covered in a a few posts before, but with AT&T you'll have pretty good coverage. They have a deal with at least Telcel and Movistar, and I see my phone switching between the networks at times. Don't forget to turn on service abroad, or else you can't make calls. Also may be worth getting the $5/month Mexico plan for cheaper rates. Here are some maps of coverage for the two providers: Telcel Movistar Just based on my experience the coverage seems to be at least as good as the maps suggest.
  8. emyhrer

    Valley de Guadalupe

    There are some really nice restaurants and hotels in Valle de Guadalupe. Just from memory: Hacienda Guadalupe - hotel and restaurant La Villa del Valle - hotel Laja - Restaurant El Laguito - Restaurant at Monte Xanic Prices may be somewhat higher at these places, though, and they are not always open so call ahead to make reservations.
  9. emyhrer

    Dirt bike rental recomendations?

    I am from San Diego and just rented a dirtbike about a month ago when mine was out of commission. I first called Let's ATV, but even though they still have rental bikes on their site they no longer rent bikes. They seem to only do tours now. After much searching I got to Eaglerider (http://www.eaglerider.com/). Like Nayther mentioned above, they are the company that operates out of Chapparal in San Bernardino. The bike was a pretty new CRF450X (within a year or two), and worked great with a couple of adjustments (idle was waaay to high, shifter and brake was positioned weird). The bike was bone stock, though. They also have a CRF450R in stock. I didn't find Get Dirty Bikes, but that seems like it may be a good place as well.
  10. BajaFool, Can't you just rename the file and take off the .xml extension? If you are in Windows, just highlight the file, press F2 and remove the .xml part.
  11. emyhrer

    Ulnar nerve damage, just looking for info!

    I had the exact same thing happen to me a few years back when I first started riding. Same hand, impacted same muscle between the thumb and the first finger. Had real issues with pinching the thumb and the finger together sort of sideways, which also translated to issues turning on the car in the morning, opening door handles, etc. It was like no matter how hard I tried, none of the muscle would fire. Went to the neurologist and had the conductivity tests done as well as an MRI. Nothing looked like anything was severely wrong, probably just a pinched nerve going to that muscle that no longer worked right. My experience was a little scary in that the muscle you see between the thumb and the first finger almost totally disappeared over the course of a few months. My right hand literally looked like skeletor. Didn't ride for a good 3-4 months if remember correctly, on the urging of my neurologist to avoid risking further damage. Now the really good part is that after about 4-6 months, the nerve must have adapted, because even though the muscle had shrunk down to about nothing, I could feel that it would start recruiting again when I tried to flex the thumb and the finger. I started doing rehab as much as possible, and a couple of months later everything was completely back to normal, as if it never happened. I have not had any similar problems since. I do remember starting to ride before I was fully OK again, but just taking it easy for a while. Don't know if you'll go through the same thing, but wanted to let you know my experience and that by making sure I didn't hurt it more and then doing rehab I am completely back to normal. Good luck!!
  12. emyhrer

    Lasting discipline, I need help

    Here are a few things that have helped me stay motived to work out and be in shape a number of times before: 1. Set ambitious but reachable goals. For example, decide to do a Baja race like the Baja 250, 500 or 1000, sign up for a marathon, plan a day hike up Mt. Whitney, enter a mountain bike race, etc. Whatever you're interested in. This way you have something specific to train towards instead of just because you should. 2. Let everyone know about your goals. I find it helps me get out of bed in the morning to work out when people know I have committed to something and they will ask why I chickened out if I don't make it. 3. Find someone else with the same goal (or talk them into doing the same thing you're planning on doing ). Much easier to get your butt in gear if someone else is there as well. You know, friendly competition and all. 4. Design some sort of workout program to fit your goal. If you have a defined plan, it's easier to stick with it as opposed to if you just do whatever comes to mind each workout. 5. Use a training log or journal to track when and what you're doing when you work out. It may help you think twice about skipping workouts if you know you'll be able to see it in black and white that you're not really following the program you've set for yourself. 6. Involve people around you in what you are doing. This goes along with number 3, but not just the workouts themselves. For example if you've set a goal that involves some traveling to do an event, get the rest of the family on board and make it a vacation or something. Plan other stuff around everything to keep everyone happy but focused on the same thing. Makes it easier to justify the time to prepare as well. 7. When you reach your goal, pat yourself on the back, relax just a little, then rinse and repeat...
  13. emyhrer


    Just to echo what other people are saying: 1. Diet. Simply put: You cannot outrun the fork!! 2. Exercise. If I were you, I would look into doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in addition to / as opposed to just "cardio" (since most people tend to think of long, low intensity workouts when they hear the word cardio). There are several studies suggesting that although the total caloric expenditure is lower during HIIT training, the changes in body composition is more favorable when exercising at higher intensity over a period of time. Here's just a few references: Impact of high-intensity exercise on energy expenditure, lipid oxidation and body fatness Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism Myths Under The Microscope Part 1: The Low Intensity Fat Burning Zone As always, a middle road of mixing both HIIT and traditional "cardio" is probably a good starting point. And of course, no, you cannot just lose fat on your arms. You'll have to focus on bringing down your body fat percentage overall.
  14. emyhrer

    Bodyweight Workout Routine

    Ooops, no I didn't see that. Don't know if it was for that post, but just in case here's a link to another list of Crossfit BW exercises in PDF format. Comprehensive bodyweight workout list for download
  15. emyhrer

    Bodyweight Workout Routine

    Here's a nice list of bodyweight routines from Crossfit for some ideas of things to do: Eva T's BW WOD Compilation