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  1. uno4cinco

    get the august dirt rider

    ya, its suppose to be seperate from the 85 class...like a transition class from 85s to 250Fs is what they were saying...and also a contender in the super mini class. that will be amazing...if you think they are ugly you think that the 250Fs and 450s are ugly too?
  2. uno4cinco

    get the august dirt rider

    they arent to replace the 85 class though is my understanding...they will race the super mini class and create a class just for them. At least at first.
  3. anyone get it and see the pics of the "new"150s????
  4. anyone know of any protype titanium header from BBR for the 150/230, or from any company for that matter? Oversized titanium header could be really cool maybe?
  5. uno4cinco


    The clutch has already gone out on the BBR bike...Ordered a new Barnett system today and will have it back for this weekend for the World 4 stroke Championship. Anyone going?
  6. uno4cinco

    Del Mar Series!

    Hey, didnt know how many people on here are into the mini scene, but who is racing the Del Mar series? anyone doing it on a 16 inch? Look for me if your out there, I will be on this bike http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y146/mxChase/DSC03858.jpg
  7. uno4cinco

    Packing flying out of a BBR pipe

    I lost a little on my D section also...it came out of the sides were the bolts are too. It stopped after the first ride, also getting it on and off the first few times was a huge pain. I just squirt a little WD-40 on it and it comes off easier...coarse it smokes a little when you start it but goes away once its warmed up!
  8. uno4cinco

    i want a 110

    I cant find one ANYWHERE!?!?!?! none on cycletrader and i dont really want a new one. please keep an eye out for me!!!! I got $1200 and want one. thanks!
  9. uno4cinco


    bump! alright, well, i did some more testing, it only occurs when my bike gets hot...like after 8 laps
  10. uno4cinco


    My 150 has started to sputter at around half throttle. It starts to sputter and then as it gets higher towards full throttle it keeps on sputtering. It looses power when it does this. I am running a 175 kit, carb, and half VP u4 and pump. I have run it many times before and even ran it at the same track that i was expirancing this problem at. Any suggestings? spark plug? carb? what have u.
  11. uno4cinco

    Bad weekend for the image of MX

    ^ you are right and i couldnt agree with you more. Freestyle does help the sport somewhat and draw different sponsors, but the mulisha is rediculous...most of the guys in it are not even good either, the guys that are the best (Adams, Pastrana, Rener, Bartram) are clean cut and are normally the ones you see win, not people from the mulisha. Their whole bad ass to cool image needs to be put in perspective, whats the reason for having a "gang" or crew anyways? Its like they are wannabe hells angels or something. Motocross is not about sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll and if someone who doesnt know crap about our sport sees that then how does it come off to them? you never know if they could do damage to the sport or not. By no means am i anti-freestyle, i personally think its cool to see a 200lbs dirtbike go upside down, but i dont think that the mulisha should be the face that should represent that part of, or any part of our sport. Do you think Metzger wanted that when he started it?
  12. uno4cinco

    Langstons 44HP Pro Circuit Monster

    ya....i bet you could get a motor like that...but ud need about $20,000?
  13. uno4cinco

    Resistor in spark plug cap

    check out the other page...apparently it doesnt
  14. uno4cinco

    Resistor in spark plug cap

    its in the XR400 one...here is the link http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=335252&page=1&pp=10
  15. I was just looking at another page on this forum and came across resistor information.... check it out HAS ANYONE DONE THIS TO THEIR 150s or 230s?!?!?!?!? I really want to try