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  1. Haa, good point T30, I geared it up to 16 front and dropped one on the back. I shift into 5th bout 50mph.......so lets go with mostly high speed operations... Running the Avon Distanazia but these are 1/2 the price !
  2. Hey Thumpers, 2005 DR650SE Stock 17" Rim... Will a 140/80/17 fit on the back ? Or will a 130/90 be too fat ? Looking to buy the Shinko for street,back road use. Getting the set and trying to put as much meat on there that will fit.. Shinko 705 Series Dual Sport Rear Tire Thanks ! Double D 650
  3. Y'all have seen this right ? Check out the videos ! http://www.explorermoto.com/home_en.aspx
  4. Couple of sticks of firewood and the essentials....
  5. I had to get the battery charged, so why not ride it ? Not much saddle time with the new baby so why not take her along ? Yes the wind screen does help in January ! This was last year,,, BSC (before second child) Let me know if the movie don't work........... :ride:Happy New Year Thumpin':ride:
  6. Yea your right they look like the same old tire http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/ProductImages/OG/0000_Shinko_700_Series_Dual_Sport_Rear_Tire_--.jpg Is it really ?
  7. Well I loved the Kings,,, hated the Wings... Had a trip this summer and went with all street tire this summer....Avon speed rated I think it was.... Man what a change on the road.. Knife like turns and super smooth on the super slab... Must admit the panic stoppage was no fish tales like before.... Road the ever lovin' Dog Piss outta that 650... Thank God I put on the 16CS ! Will go Kings again in a snap.......
  8. ehhh... mine has been doing that for years.... As long as it's not re-dick-u-less,,,, It's a Jeep on 2 wheels..... Don't hear it much any other gear....
  9. Keep up the good work ! I think I been Hypnotized
  10. This goes back about a year right... At the time I just went with the D/J mod... well worth it...waited till tax return for the proper pipe..... Speaking of nice ride ; Smokin' Joker ! The buggy that is.....
  11. 2005 gots 3...... Ship the ship back i guess ?
  12. what happens if you run out of oil
  13. Yup been puttin' this off for months...... Not a big leak,,,but it leaks.... THX for the link-ie:thumbsup:
  14. Yup got it right..... But that one looks like some kind of home grown made up deal.... Wonder if the Rail-Road people missed the steal ?
  15. Hell to the Yea:applause: I even shoved a few spare-spares in there... I think Mythbusters tested the bullet fuse &..... Yup you could get a bullet in in the balls if you go there but..... Snopes has it listed as busted; http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/fuse.asp Unless it's one of these;