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  1. nifty

    XR250Y won't bloody start !!!

    Thks again TR. I rotated crank until i saw the Inlets closing, then continued until the T mark. Checked and adjusted ( inlets were closed right up). Now going to check timing while it's apart and then re-assemble and see what happens. If no go, I intend to beat it viciously with a large, knobby piece of wood, kick the remains, and burn the bastard !!!! Thks
  2. nifty

    XR250Y won't bloody start !!!

    Thanks TR. Got the manual. Mine's a Y model, but i presumed the valve settings would be the same. My carb is different. Haven't checked the kill switches etc, as I have a good spark already. I have an XR4 of my own, and have done valves before on that one. I am having a hard time confirming that I have TDC on the COMPRESSION STROKE. I have it where I believe it to be on the compression TDC, and the exhaust rocker has movement, but the inlet is firm. I got my wife to put a finger in the spark plug hole, ( didn't that take some talking) and we get the pressure build up, but it comes just before I get to the F and then the T mark. Is this normal?
  3. I'm currently on a cattle station 1/2 way up Cape York, and have the task of getting this piece of crap to run. It's the "soft" XR from Honda, Electric start, steel tank etc. I have spark, cleaned carby and filled tank with clean fuel, battery is stuffed so am using jumper leads from car to try to get it to go. Air filter cleaned ( side stand switch is disabled). Just won't even fire, even with Aerostart !! Does anyone have any ideas, and does anyone have a manual as a pdf file that I can obtain to check settings etc. Might have to check valves. Has done 20,000klm, all farm work and maybe subjected to abuse. All suggestion gratefully accepted. Thks
  4. nifty

    XR250 Fork Tool

    If you just turn them upside down, lean on the fork to compress them and use a rattle gun to undo bolt. Compressing the forks will usually lock them so you can undo the bolt with the rattle gun. Worked well on my XR400 a couple of times.
  5. nifty

    XR400 gold valves

    Hey Rideor ( DBW) ring Terry Hay. He knows all about em, and u get a 10% DISCOUNT IF dbw. From memory the XR valve rod has a rare thread size of 7mm, and you either get an adaptor to take it up to 8mm, or machine the valve rod down to 6mm ( the gold valves are either 6mm or 8mm thread) Anyhow, ring Terry, he explains it all so clearly .
  6. nifty

    XR400 Dies when landing or hitting woops

    Do a search here. I have read somewhere to put a small length of fuel hose somewhere in the carby to stop this. Sorry to be so vague, but I know this exact problem has been raised somewhere before.
  7. nifty

    Heavy rider... What springs

    I'm 105KG ( 230 lbs) and I have .47 springs. Find them very good. They are even better when you push them, and yourself a bit.
  8. nifty

    Rebound adj. after heaver springs

    Trickier than u think this one. You can only have rebound if their is compression to store the energy in the spring, which is then released in rebound. If you have heavier springs, then there will be LESS compression, which will mean less energy stored in the spring, which means actually LESS rebound. To go to an extreme, if you had RIGID forks, there would be NO rebound. Be a bastard to ride,,,,,,,,, but no rebound from forks. I just went from .40 to .47 springs in an XR and LESSENDED rebound by turning the adjuster OUT. Works very well indeed.
  9. nifty

    Hittin' A Wall

    Sorry if this sounds silly, but had you just re-oiled the air filter by any chance? If it's got too much oil in the filter it bogs.
  10. nifty

    Removed 6 shims from my stack, but....

    and don't forget to turn the adjuster out about 12-14 clicks BEFORE you put the cap back on, or you will limit the amount of rebound adjustment you will be able to get.
  11. nifty

    pdf manual for XR400?

    XR ozzie.that's a bad lookin head on your Avatar!!! U given us aussies a bad name with ears like that!!!
  12. Can anyone tell me how to remove the needle form the spindle of the speedo. I have broken the clear plastic behind the face, and need to remove the needle from the spindle to allow me to replace the plastic. Is it glued on, or threaded? I think it would be glued, but wanted to know for sure before I put too much pressure on it.
  13. Barkbusters " ego".great. NEVER bend. My son tried to go through two trees in 3rd gear that were 6" narrower than his guards. MAJOR spill, but nothing bent ( on the bike anyway) Great product, and excellent service formthe company.
  14. Hi all, Can anyone tell me roughly how many mm the clutch pressure plate would need to move to releease the clutch plates? Been sorting a few probs, and wanted to get opinions before I put cases back on. Thanks for any input u can give.
  15. nifty

    DT200 clutch play

    Need to know how much the pressure plate should move outwards to release the clutch plates (mm). Having a few probs, and trying to check everything before puting the cases back on.