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  1. Addsdad


    got one (stock 05) in my garage. I'll post it the thumpertalk classifieds
  2. Addsdad

    Recommended Glide Plate.

    Which case and where did you put a hole in it? I thought there were a few spots that could have more protection with the WC units. Left side. Must a went over a big rock out in the trails.
  3. Addsdad

    toy hauler

    So far my 04 Gearbox has had over half of the exterior replaced. First the paint started peeling off the ramp and ramp frame, that meant replacing the whole rear section of the trailer. Two weeks ago the sides stearted blowing off (the sheets on the sides were cut short at the factory) leaving them not properly put under the corner molding. Fleetwood is fixing the problem as they did with the first problem, it's just means I have no trailer again. I won't be buying a Fleetwood product again.
  4. Addsdad

    Recommended Glide Plate.

    Had the WC then I knocked a hole in my side case. Now the WC glide plate is sitting on a shelf in my garage. I put on the Devol, it has protection on the sides too. It isn't real heavy but I think it's strong enough.
  5. Addsdad

    RM-Z 450 Step Seats

    My SDG step seat rocks. I love the way it feels when I'm cornering.
  6. Addsdad

    WAY TO GO DAVE!! (clout)

    Right on Dave!!! Thanks
  7. Addsdad

    Auto-clutch and the RMZ 450 Questions

    Ive had one on my 05 for almost a year. It took some getting used to but now I love it. Tight technical trails are a breeze (almost like cheating). I don't really care for it on mx tracks but maybe if I spent more time there I would get used to it. The perch adjuster is the way to go, I used it a lot to get it dialed in, now I could probably live without it. The perch adjustment assembly seems a little cheesy, nothing really seems to keep it all aligned well and it leaves your clutch cable open to the elements(In western WA) thats not a good thing. I bought a neoprene chain stay protector for a mountain bike, cut it in half, and put that over the adjustment assembly. It works great, keeps the water and dust out, helps keep it all aligned, and looks pretty cool too. Add