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  1. mattyb887

    Light Weight Flywheel

    hey guys, i rode a ktm250f a few weeks bak at a test day and the guy's had put a light weight flywheel in it and the bike felt really comfortable for me to ride and you could really notice the difference between that and the bike without one in it. just looking to put one on my crf and just wondering if anybody could tell me what it actually does to the bike and if its actually worth putting it in?
  2. mattyb887

    Stubborn to hit a bigger jump

    dude, id have to say that there would most likely be an equation to how fast you have to hit the jump to clear it cause im pretty sure they did that for the long distance jumps that they did on the crusty tour in australia. as for any of us working it out, i doubt that we hav the brains for it lol.
  3. mattyb887

    Race tomorrow! Need Help With Arm Pump!!!

    aspirin has its advantages man, but if u were to crash and cut yourself, you would lose alot of blood very quickly, and when i say quick, i mean really quick!
  4. mattyb887

    My new track

    haha no, definately not as much water to worry about. try none. big drought down here atm. havent seen grass at my place for atleast a year and half
  5. mattyb887

    My new track

    i wouldnt have built it like this if i didn't think i couldn't ride the track man
  6. mattyb887

    My new track

    hey all, got my track fixed up on the weekend and added in some new parts. its a small supercross track for me to practise on. built as much as i could till i ran out of dirt.
  7. mattyb887

    '04 vs. '05

    i actually heard alot of bad things about the 04 crf's but i bought one anyway and i havent had one single problem with the bike at all. as far as the bikes performance, it handles really well it all types of conditions and certainly has alot of power but id still go for the 05 as most of the bugs from the 04 model had been fixed.
  8. mattyb887

    Doing everything at the same time!

    also, try gripping the bike with ur knees fairly hard coming into a corner but at the same time, try to relax aswell and if u practise the right techniques, they will just come naturally to u
  9. a few guys that hav the new 06 crf250 have told me that it is not as good as the 05 crf. I rode the new ktm250f at a test day and the bike is the best ive ever ridden. Its got to be the smoothest bike ive rode, smoother power delivery, turns on a 10 cent piece and the suspension was perfect for me
  10. mattyb887

    Did it ever went wrong?

    yer last club day race, this kids mum went to pick up her sons ktm 65 off the stand and when she put it down, she turned the throttle and the bike took off and flicked around and she cleaned up her own son with the bike aswell as her. Me and my mates were pissin ourselves laughing
  11. mattyb887

    time bomb?

    dude, honestly, if u dont know wat ur doing, take ur bike to a shop to get a topend rebuild. I know its expensive but if u try it and u mess it up, ur paying more money for more parts whereas if the shop messes it up, they hav to redo it all for nothin.
  12. mattyb887

    motocross races

    im not sure about all the american rules for mx, but couldn't he race in the modified class?
  13. mattyb887

    looking for cheap ways to gain bottom end..

    just get some different sized sprockets. Im not really an expert on sprocket sizings, but ur best option would b to go into a shop and ask them, or im sure someone on here would hav a better answer for u
  14. mattyb887

    Could you go Faster into corners?

    if your new to racing, learning to brake later and harder will help you gain alot of time on everyone else in your class because most beginner racers tend to brake pretty early. I used to do it when i first started racing and i found that one way i could make up time was to out brake the other riders into the corners.
  15. mattyb887

    How hard on brakes at first corner?

    i holeshotted my first race, but i broke to early and someone hit me from behind and i DNFed