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  1. strangler

    RMX450 Recall

    What dealer? I too am in Mi. Thanks.
  2. strangler

    waking up a new 400SM

    I have no problem with searching, but I guess Im trying to get an idea of what the common mods are.... and then Ill search for details on them. I have a DR, so the DRZ is foreign to me. I did miss the sticky at the top, so I will hit that right now. Thanks.
  3. strangler

    waking up a new 400SM

    Im going with a friend tonight to pick up his new 06 SM.... whats the hot setup for letting a new bike breath? Airbox mods, exhaust mods, evap canister removal, throttle spacer, clip the gray wire.... what? Besides sheding 40lb's of useless shat, Lay out a list of what should be spelled out in the owners manual. Thanks guys.
  4. strangler

    Im new, and from Michigan

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I posted this here because I planned on posting some pics of my junk, but didnt see an attachment icon. I love the DR, I built it 3 years ago using GS500E wheels and brakes, and have been addicted to abandoned parking lots ever since. The pan comes out to play a couple of times a summer, but the wife wont ride it so we spend most our time on the big GS. I dont work for a car plant, but I do work for an automotive supplier....... Cant blame you for thinking we all work for the big 3, most do. Whats the deal with posting pics?
  5. My names Scott. I live in Michigan and have been riding for 23 years. Current bikes include 95 BMW R1100GS, 49 Panhead HD, and my pride of hooliganism.... a 94 DR 350. Dont laugh, I love this bike. Anyways, hello.