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  1. Hi guys just wanted to let you all no that we are opening back up nov.16th 3:00 pm to 8:00. All new track 35% larger 8 lanes new heated pits. No more nembership check out the website for all the detailes. www.mccullochspro-mx.com there is all so alot of new stuff going on 6 sponserships give away free lessons wed & thurs.
  2. hey thanks for coming out to support the track
  3. Hey no1 you have been giving me S*** all along give it a rest no1cares if you can do better than do it ! put up or shut up !!!!!!!!!
  4. you kill me
  5. I never sold any. But, thanks for YOUR concern. Carl McCulloch
  6. Whats wrong? Can't you understand what I'm saying? I'll try to dumnb it down for you. Didn't know we had an internet spellchecker here.
  7. hey guys you always think the worst how about yea the gas bills are 10000.00 a month but there is a 3 year contract so i'll be there 2 more years i have been racing with my son all over you will see me at baja on wed. or just give me a call 248 431 2676 dont be scared leave a message i will call you back try to be supportive not so down and out carl lets clear up membership questions the members where given discounts per ride so there is nothing lost or gained by members at all and the track is all there just waiting for some bikesstay cool have a great summer thanks for all the support
  8. real quick i do have somethings in the works i will never quit its just not me im looking for some investers to finish the job i have about 98000.00 in to the track and found out that there is bad dirt there and the owner new about it the hole time thats why i have been tigth liped about it the truth holly will not work because of EPA problems but i have a back up site and all looks very good need a little money and time and it will go i do not want to be roasted on thumper talk again so im watching what i say wish me alot of luck and some money and we will have a oakland county track carl mcculloch
  9. thanks alot for the help with the fence i could never lifted it by my self and thanks mi dirtriders they did a great job!!!!!
  10. I would like to thank mi dirtriders for the support last nigth they did a great job keeping things under control thanks for all the support carl mcculloch
  11. hey guys we have a new track lay all new come check it out thanks for the turn out this past week end carl mcculloch
  12. yes there will be open this summer and there will be a full blowen mx school indoor pit bike track - super moto plus for next year the pits will be separted with its own heat source and no co2 just trying to make it better
  13. rider count has ben a little so come show your support
  14. thanks matt have a great b-day
  15. see ya there