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  1. Zcop

    Yamaha Raptor Springs?

    Does anyone know what the stock springs rates are on the Raptor 700? What rider weight ranges will work with the stock suspension? I know that most MX bikes (2 wheels) are set-up stock for riders who are about 165pounds. I'm 6'2 and 235pounds. Will I need to change the stock springs for aggressive riding? Thanks for any input!
  2. Zcop

    Raptor 700, NO MODS!!

    Unfortunately, I'll probably never get a chance to ride any dunes, being from PA. The closest thing I will ride would be at old coal mining areas with mountains of coal gravel. However a lot of the trails around here are loaded with large rocks (easy for a bike, but hard on single axle ATVs). Also, during snow emergencies it is legal to ride ATV's on the roads, that's where the 4 wheel drive would be nice. Any quality or service problems with Can-Am? I don't need to ask about Yamaha, I've had great luck with them for years.
  3. Zcop

    Raptor 700, NO MODS!!

    While shopping I have been trying to decide between the Grizzly 700 for work and the Raptor 700 for fun, (i'd like to have a little of both). I was at a local shop on Saturday and happened to check out the Can-Am Renegade 800. It looks to be the best of all worlds. I did some Q an A with the dealership and some online research. I know this is a Yamaha Forum, but can anyone give me any reasons NOT to go with the Can-Am Renegade 800. I know it's heavy, but it also fast (possibly faster than a Raptor) and I do very little jumping. By the way i'm 6'2 and 235 pounds. Any insight??
  4. Zcop

    Raptor 700, NO MODS!!

    That is exactly the disease that I have! One thing leads to another and another and another...... This time I'm really not going to mod anything till it breaks, or wears out. I appreciate the info and the link.
  5. Zcop

    Raptor 700, NO MODS!!

    Thats the info i'm looking for!!
  6. Zcop

    Yamaha Raptor 700, NO MODS!!

    I've been shopping for an ATV and am seriously considering a new Raptor 700. This will be my first real ATV. I have bought and modified so many bikes (2 wheels) that I really just want something I can buy and ride with no mods. One mod leads to another and I end up doing more wrenching than riding. On to the question, how is the Raptor's performance, bone stock? All I want to do is adjust the shocks, add gas, oil changes and Ride, Ride, Ride!! Is the Raptor a good choice, or should I look at something else. 25% MX, 25% woods trails, 25% sand/coal, 25% goofing off in the snow>
  7. My throttle wheel slightly toughes the frame when the throttle is closed, but still turns smooth, should I file off the small tab on the wheel or leave it alone? If it snags while riding it can't turn out well!!
  8. My FCR problem has been Fixed!!! I took out the carb. took it apart, removed every jet to verify the correct sizes, cleaned all jets with carb cleaner, reseated all jets and reinstalled. Took little over an hour. It fired up instantly, i set the STORM fuel screw (bought at TT store) to 1 1/4 turns out. It runs great, the power that I was missing is now there!! It's faster, smoother and pulls harder everywhere. I don't know if it was just somehow dirty from the factory, or if one of the jets was loose, who knows, but it runs GREAT now!!!
  9. The bog at the bottom is better when the bike is warm, but still noticable when riding. I'm taking the FCR out, rechecking everything and starting over!!!
  10. starts quick with choke, revs high till choke is turned off, (normal). Turning throttle quick kills engine, better when warm but still bogs. Just a slight bog at bottom when riding. At 2 turns out or less on fuel screw i get a lot of decel pop. I have it set at 2 1/4 out now runs well all around except slight bog, hesitation at the bottom, but power is not near what everyone else has experienced. Thanks!
  11. Eddie, Slight bog at 0 to 1/4 throttle, (slight). Then it runs well, smooth and steady, but not much if any power gain over stock. Much smoother, less engine braking, but not much performance boost, thanks.
  12. Thanks Krod, I decided not to get one. I read several post where Eddie said that the AP can be tuned to get the same or better results. I just don't have any idea how to tune the AP. I know it has something to do with a screw, but thats it.
  13. Hey Eddie, Can you explain how to tune the accelerator pump on the FCR-MX, Neil told me about the screw near the throttle pulley. Which way do I turn it to get the same affect as the Quickshot cover? I think I understand that the squirt is pre-set at 1 second, but the screw determines how much fuel is delivered in that 1 second, true? Just want to get rid of that low end bog, at idle and slight under load.
  14. Zcop

    What’s your favorite MOD???

    Scott's steering stabilizer!! On order.
  15. Will67, I'm glad i'm not alone. I started to think I did something wrong. I wonder if that Quickshot cover might do the trick. I will mess with that screw that Neil mentioned and see if it works.