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  1. Check your schematic. Look for a plug labeled "ignition curve plug connection". If your bike has this capability, it will have this plug that changes the map by disconnecting (ungrounds) or connecting (grounds) it.
  2. The service manual for a 1979 XL250S specifies fuel type = Petrol. Geez people, it's a 1979 air cooled XL (as in non-high compression). It will run just fine on any fresh pump gas.
  3. Out of our group of eight 2008 450 exc-r's, one has had the oil tranfer problem (fixed with the new seal) and one has had the ring problem (after 3 years) and 3 needed the newer cam/ADC. We're happy.
  4. see below
  5. I have done it also. Here is a step by step. Be careful if you notch the starter, you can easily cut all the way through to a hollow spot.
  6. Colorado

    Not at Rampart
  7. You can mask the odor or stop the source of the odor. Odor is caused by bacteria. Bacteria can only grow in a moist environment. So to stop the source of the odor, get your boots dry. Kill the bacteria with bleach, Lysol, etc.
  8. I wouldn't use it on a motorcycle. Any solvents, gas, oil, brake fluid, WD-40, turn it into a gooey mess. Worked great on my boat's anchor.
  9. You need to be moving at least 15mph to keep it from blowing steam +1 and bike temp is directly proportional to how much you are touching that clutch lever in the tight rocky section.
  10. Go to the product review section of the mtbr web site, They have an extensive list and reviews. I have found downhill mountain bike gear fits me better than most MX.
  11. Another variation on the pay or volunteer. My boat club has standard yearly dues and an 8 man-hr per year per family work party requirement. There are about 4 work parties per year to get in your 8 hrs. Four people in your family show up for 2 hours, you're done. If you don't put in 8 hrs, no problem, it's just an extra $150:)
  12. Pro Grip 714s are quite a bit thicker.
  13. Chilly is talking about a newer fuel injected model. The OP needs to clearify what model bike he is talking about. Older carb bikes have just a simple open/close single pole single throw switch. I don't know about the makeup of a FI map switch but it is not a simple 1P1T.
  14. California

    I would not recommend Metcalf for true beginners. Each trail there that is easy has a tricky part. I have taken many a beginner there. If they are beginner/intermediate then Metcalf can be nice since they are one way trails and tends to have fewer jerks. Hollister is great for beginners, lots of easy roads but can be a bit intimidating on a busy weekend as the asshats will blow by them and scare them on purpose and the trails are two-way. Carnegie is less crazy and if you pick the right roads like Pottery Loop, can be nice rides.