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  1. my crf450x mods. no smog pump, changed needle jet, took out exhaust baffel . my bike is not street legal.
  2. pete I ride appx 40-50-miles in the morning and after lunch I ride another40 or so. I live along way from any legal riding area so when I ride I make the most of it. my crf450x is not street legal.
  3. Thank you for your responce, I will continue trying to reach a higher up at Honda. Rick
  4. I agree! You should be able to run more than 10 miles in 5th gear without the transmission seizing due to lack of lubrication under any condition. " Bumps, flat roads, paved surfaces, desert,trails,etc etc."
  5. So you want some details? The bike was purchased in April of 05. The bike was ridden eight times The bike has 650 miles on it. The oil was changed as specified by Honda. I used Honda oil. Both Transmisson and engine oil I rode the bike mainly in the desert, Cal City area, I have done some trail riding at Gorman, the bike had never been dropped on the shifter and the bike had only been laid down once on the right side, I slid out on a fireroad. On the last ride I had ridden appx.25 miles in normal desert conditions the bike started popping out of second gear. So I turned to ride back to the truck because it was popping out of second gear, I was crusing in the top gears and I had been riding for appx. 10 miles in 5th gear and the transmission locked up. Now knowing that the oil in the transmission was not lubricating the top gears, I did exactly the wrong thing! I hope these details help shed the light on this problem! Thank you Rick
  6. Nice yellowtail in the picture!
  7. Thank you the advice and tips! I will try running extra oil in the transmission and hopefully it wont happen again. Thanks again, Rick
  8. Here is the last six digits of my VIN#: 001008
  9. Doug, Thanks for your responce. I'll continue to make postings to keep everyone updated on this ongoing problem. Thanks, Rick
  10. My bike currently in for transmission repairs and I am concerned.Do you think running the extra oil will prevent it from seizing the transmission again?
  11. I would be happy to post my Vin#, I think Honda should recall and repair the tranmissions before someone gets hurt. A product should have a reasonable amount of riding time prior catastrophic failure! I have less than 650 miles on my bike and I serviced it as Honda specified. I have owned many Honda products from lawn mowers to four wheel drive quads and never have had a serious issue with any Honda product.I think Honda should take responsiblity for their flawed CRF 450 X. Rick
  12. I had about 650 mi on the bike it started poping out of 2nd gear on my last ride so I headed back to my truck I was ridingin 5th gear for about 10 mi and she locked up solid .
  13. On December 26, 2005 the transmission on my CRF450X blew while in CalCity. Upon further inspection by Honda of Thousand Oaks technicians found the top three gears to be seized due to lack of lubrication. The only authorized/required maintenance on this bike has been performed by Honda of T.O. to date. The bike in currently at Honda T.O. and repairs are estimated to total over $1,300.00. I have contacted Honda of North America and have been denied assistance repeatedly. Since contacting them I have contacted Los Angeles Cycle Sports where said bike was purchased and was told they would contact their local Honda sales rep. At this current time I am awaiting a response. Hondo T.O. also contacted sales rep. and in addition was denied assistance. I am a loyal Honda customer and am shocked at not only the lack of quality in their product but also the lack of customer service and care that I have received and obviously many other people have run into while dealing with this model. I understand that no warranty was purchased but feel this is a major defect in this model and should be resolved by Honda. I have maintained my purchase at a superior level and did not in any way do anything to have caused the damage to my bike that has been done. If anything this purchase has been my "baby" and has been treated as such. I am very frustrated and am looking to find other people who currently are dealing with a similar situation or that might have some knowledge that would be helpful to me in getting this issue resolved.
  14. undefinedI had my tranny blow last weekend12/26/05 at cal city i contacted the honda help line they said it was not thier practice to repair"race bikes" after they leave the dealer .My crf450x "X for expolding tranny" has less tnan 1000 miles on it. I bleed Honda red ! i am along time honda rider and NEVER had a problem with any other Other honda product. Iam very upset with hondas position on this issue. if any other crf450x owners out there with same problem please contact me @ Rdunlap2@aol.com