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  1. I have the large ballistic bag on my bike. Works like a champ. The bag is super tough and it holds a lot.
  2. This is from a KLX400R (same as DRZ400E) owner's manual.
  3. Yep, Dennis is the man. I highly recommend him. He did my bike and my brothers bike. His prices are very reasonable. He is great to work with. It is the best thing I have done to my bike.
  4. A guy in a KLX250 forum that I visit just did this. *LINK* I find this to be an interesting low-cost alternative to SM wheels and tires.
  5. I found this over on this forum a while back. *Link* It should help you out.
  6. Pictures of the 2008 that were on the Suzuki website earlier today.
  7. Thanks for the info guys.
  8. Hey guys, I have a KLX250S. I am really getting tired of almost crashing due to the throttle turn being so long on this bike. I have done a search and the 1/4 turn throttle mod at planetKLX.com pops up. However, when I go there I can not find the mod. I am not saying that it is not there as I have been known to not be able to find things right under my nose. I get the gist of what to do, but I don't want to screw anything up. Any help would be much appreciated. Any 1/4 aftermarket throttles that are known to work with the stock carb would also be okay. I have had too many close calls in the last few weeks because on the long throttle pull. I need some help!!! Thanks.