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  1. davidvan

    Mods for Dummies??

    Do I have to do the air box modification if I get the dyno jet kit? Thanks
  2. davidvan

    DR650 - Unused Plug

    I was wondering the same thing.. no power was on it that I could see..
  3. davidvan

    DR650 - Unused Plug

    Great to hear.. many thanks...
  4. davidvan

    DR650 - Unused Plug

    Great to know. .do you know what the voltage is coming out of it? Thanks
  5. davidvan

    DR650 - Unused Plug

    All DR650'ers... Well I'm in the process of adding a 12volt adapter to the bike for my GPS. I'm trying to determine if there is a better way then wiring it directly to the battery. One thing I did notice is that under the tank there is a CAPPED two wire lead. (Black/White & Black) I turned on the key and there doesnt seem to be any power to it, mind you maybe it does when the engine is running. Does anyone know what this capped lead is for and where would you hook up the 12volt adapter? Many thanks.
  6. davidvan

    New DR650 '07 Setup Questions: Can you give your advise

    Great to hear ... many many thanks..
  7. Please excuse if you've read this already on another forum.. thanks Hi fellow DR'ers.. Well last week was not only my bday but my pre-mid life crisis as I picked up my new DR650SE. Did a short ride home while I could bare the windchill factor, still damn chilly up here in the Toronto region. I noticed a few things when riding the bike and wanted to know if anyone has experienced it as well as has any reccomendations... 1. with only 26km (16Miles) I noticed that when I roll on the throttle that there IS a point where the REV's pick up but the speed does not. Then it catches up.. is this: (a) knowing the bike's setup is not efficient carburation could it be more fuel and not enough H2O (bogging) since everyone reccomends the JET and AIRBOX modification? ( the clutch adjustment is not correct? 2. the clutch lever itself does not engage until its almost fully released. I know how to adjust it, but wanted to know if that was a "standard" setup for a new suzuki dr650? I started to adjust it, but thought about it and will leave it till the breakin and first service is done plus its not that bad I'm just use to the motocrossers at the cottage and my old XT600 was setup for a close to the handlebar setting.. 3. general setup, anyone change the setting from the factory on the spring tention? many thanks.. ____________
  8. davidvan

    complete aftermarket shock?

    Here you go.. this is a post I was apart of on another forum.. http://www.odsc.on.ca/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=8967
  9. davidvan

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    New'07 Black.. in Canada 5,000.00 CAD=4,308.75 USD + taxes and delivery...