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  1. kbrighamxr400

    xr 400 questions

    Not to sure if you should see a spark every time. Not to mention using the kick starter and holding the spark plug by yourself must be pretty difficult. Try having someone hold the plug near the Head while kicking. Are you using the starting procedure recommended? The xr has a unique startinng procedure that takes some practice. You can search this site for many tips on starting. I have found that mine is difficult to start if I have tried for awhile but normally it isn't a problem. Try the following. If Cold: -use full choke -kick the engine completly thru 6 to 8 times with out the throttle. (use decomp lever if installed) -Set to TDC (top dead center) You can find TDC by slowly kick (no decomp) until the engine gives you some resistance. Once you have found this position continue to push until you get just past the resistance. It will feel like a notch -Return the Kick start to the top and give a good honest Kick. Continue the above until it starts. If this takes to many tries you may flood the bike. If you do open throttle fully and kick several times to clear the carb. Start process over. -Once bike starts let it run for awhile on full choke. After a bit try going to half choke. If bike starts to run rough go back to full choke. Once bike is warm turn the choke of and rip it up! Warm: -Find TDC (no choke) and let er rip. Hope this helps
  2. kbrighamxr400

    steering stem bearings,harder than swing arm bolt!!

    Ok, so this may not be much help now that your done but it may come in handy the next time. When I did mine I used a ball joint removal tool to get the bearing off. (not a screwdriver as link suggest) However, I did use the oven and freezer trick.(step 3 of link) Man was it slick. Just held the bearing at the top of the stem and let it drop. Went all the way to the bottom. No Joke! Don't forget the dust seal. http://www.ibmwr.org/ktech/steer-bearing-repl.shtml Kevin
  3. kbrighamxr400

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Kevin Olympia 98 XR400 Mine 94 PW80 Little Ones 98 XR100 Teenagers 2005 DR1000 For when the street bugs bite (for sale)
  4. Spent a week out at Farragut State park and found it to be beautiful. I wanted to take the bikes on the trip but the kid's had other plans. Anyway heard that there was a national park just east of Farragut. Can someone please provide me some information on riding areas in that area? I would really like to go back with the bikes. Thanks in advance for your replies. Kevin in the NW
  5. had my XR 400 Frame, Subframe done for right around 200.00. Just call around most of the people I talked to have done frames before and should be able to quote you a price over the phone.
  6. Defintely agree with Kev_XR and Mar. MSF is great and should be attended by anyone who rides. I would also suggest refresher courses every couple of years or when one gets a new Bike. Just my two pennies Kevin
  7. kbrighamxr400

    OLN is killing me!!!!

    At least they are showing it. CBS did not do us any favors here in the NW during the supercross season. I'm just glad to see it again and know that there is a schedule.
  8. kbrighamxr400

    floating countershaft sprocket?

    Mine does 98 xr400
  9. kbrighamxr400

    Best dirt bike for kids starting out?

    Started my 9 year old (girl) on a PW80. I like the fact that it is a 3 speed (that she has to shift) w/automatic clutch, front and rear breaks are where they are supposed to be. Being a two stroke it is easy to work on and cheap to repair. (no mixing of the gas) Oil reservoir under the seat. Suspension is not the greatest but she has not needed much more - yet. Finally it is surprisingly quick. She wants to start racing so we will see how that goes. Oh did I mention that ours is a 94 that I picked up for next to nothing. One draw back is that there are not many aftermarket parts avail. Not like the Honda 50. Hope that helps. Kevin
  10. kbrighamxr400

    My bike is FINALLY back together!!

    Nice Job!! Looks great!
  11. kbrighamxr400

    XR 400 Rebuild 2006

    I would like to say I have a source for these fenders but I don't. Sometime last year when I was looking someone here had a few for sale. If you haven't already I would suggest posting a thread requesting one. You may get lucky to find someone here with a source. Good luck in your search. If I notice any in my surfing I will post it here. Kevin
  12. kbrighamxr400

    XR 400 Rebuild 2006

    Tomr, Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any real use full information on the pipe. The super-trap was on the bike when I purchased it and is the only XR4 I have ridden. The power has always been sufficient and as far I know it is a bone stock engine. There is one thing that I can state and that is this pipe is very loud. I do believe that I will change it out when my wish list is smaller and I can justify the $$. Kevin
  13. kbrighamxr400

    XR400R Plastic. Help me find some please!

    Second Bike Bandit. Here are some others that I have found. http://www.acerbis.com/p998_honda/replica_honda.html http://www.clarkemfg.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CM&Product_Code=1338&Category_Code=honda+xr http://www.xrsonly.com/html/cemoto_plastics.html http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/common/Frontpage.jsp;jsessionid=5TJK44M54TEPBLA0WTISM4VMDK0NCIV0 http://www.rockymountainatv.com/ http://www.onoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=ACER-HONDA-SIDE-PANELS&Category_Code=ACER-HONDA Hope these help in your search Kevin
  14. kbrighamxr400

    My revitalized XR4

    Looks Great!! I sure wanted the A-loop kit when I was working on the new look but it is a chunk of change. How does it help your riding? It appears that it would allow you to move around alot more than stock. Kevin
  15. kbrighamxr400

    XR 400 Rebuild 2006

    Boomman, This was an exercise I probably shouldn't have done But I have put some numbers together. The dollar amounts are close - I didn't really keep track as I was working on the project. Tax is not included nor is the cost of odds and ends such as nuts, bolts and o-rings. The Hardware was purchased at a local hardware store to save on cost from dealer. Powder Coating---------$190.00 Front Wheel Bearings----$19.95 Rear Wheel Bearings-----$19.95 Shock Bearings----------$39.95 Linkage Bearings---------$79.95 Steering Head Bearings---$49.95 Swingarm Bearings-------$69.95 Polisport Fender---------$55.00 Front Fender------------$29.00 Side Panels--------------$55.00 Front Sprocket----------$15.00 Rear Sprocket-----------$32.00 Chain-------------------$98.95 Moose Skid Plate--------$65.00 MSR Hand Gaurds--------$45.00 MSR Deflectors------------$9.95 Grips--------------------$12.00 Works Frame Gaurds-----$51.00 Graphics----------------$29.90 Total Shipping Costs-----$42.90 Total-------------------$1,010.40 Amount of enjoyment Priceless Hope that helps with your project