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  1. motomoron

    my first ever track day

    Ahh. It's in Poland. I get it.
  2. motomoron

    450x vs. modded 400sm

    Save yourself a lot of time and $$ and just buy mine: http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=54147 I picked up a KTM590SMC and have to sell a couple... This one is done but for going inside the engine. As an ex-roadracer using this one on the street I don't really see why you'd want to. It's got plenty of ass.
  3. motomoron

    Taillight Tuck

    Another option is the European-UK Suzuki DRZ400 tail light. I picked one up on ebay.co.uk for about $50 shipped, and it integrates perfectly with the rear of the bike, almost as though Suzuki designed it that way for a country with reasonable lightling requirements. I'll try to remember to post a pic. I think if you go to the Akrapovic site the picture of the DRZ400 is a Euro...
  4. I've scored a pair of S wheels for my 2006 SM, but haven't picked them up yet to measure things. What's the interchangeability? Will I be able to use the SM axles? spacers? I'm pretty sure I'll need F&R rotors, what else?
  5. Well, I must be too old finally. 06' DRZ400SM-39mm "classic" FCR-Akrapovic Ti Evo full system, etc, etc. I use it mostly for guerilla commuting into Washington DC. I wear the highest attenuation earplugs I can find (-33db) and I can tell it's pissing everyone off. I like being conspicuous, to the degree that I wear a Hi-viz yellow jacket, but being loud as hell 2 blocks away is getting tired. It really began to bug me after I got a KTM 950 supermoto, which rips like a bastard, and it really quiet. The mufflers I have coming for it will be a little louder, but nothing like the Akra on the DRZ. I'm interested in something a little less...ummm...loud. Has anyone ridden the FMF Q2 or Ti Q on a DRZ w/ a FCR? seeing as I have a 95hp 'moto now, I don't mind giving up a little hp on the DRZ. Anyone have a Ti Q they want to swap for a perfect Akrapovic full system in it's original packaging?
  6. motomoron

    SM aftermarket bars

    ProTaper Fat Bars in Suzuki RM (Pastrana) bend on a set of BRP risers. Fit, feel, and look excellent.
  7. motomoron

    DRZ400 exhaust

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/search.php If you search "exhaust" and specify DRZ forum, you get about a bazillion hits. Anything you want to know about a DRZ has been discussed here at some point in the past, probably more than once. For what it's worth, I think the Yoshimura S/O is nice. If you're just going to rejet and 3x3, the stock system probably breathes well enough and costs...nothing!
  8. motomoron

    Got $400 to spend, where do I go

    Go to a low-rent "gentlemans club" Prime the pump w/ a 40 on the way to maximize your return on investment. Buy a bunch of lap dances, and drinks. -OR- get an FCR and do the 3x3.
  9. motomoron

    Hit by car

    Get the absolute best personal injury lawyer you can find. Was the driver of the car ticketed for failure to yield or improper turn? It sounds like this was a textbook "driver takes a left into motorcyclist" case. You should easily be able to buy a new SM for street duty and an E for offroad with the proceeds. Glad you're (relatively) OK. Good luck!
  10. motomoron

    I hate breaking in a new bike!!!

    The mototune guy didn't invent the concept of seating rings. Modern engines have much better surface finishes than years or decades ago. Essentially, once the rings are seated, you're ready to use the whole thing. An example. I bought a new Honda Civic Si in 2002. I drove it home from the dealership, fairly gently, and started highway commuting with it the next day. It was using a lot of oil almost immediately. Finally, 28k miles later, it was consistantly using a quart per 800 miles, and Honda replaced my shortblock under warranty. I got the old one, and the bores were absolutely perfect looking. The crosshatch hone pattern appeared untouched. The rings, under magnification appeared mirror like. When I picked the car up with it's new engine and header, I warmed it up until it was fully heat soaked, and drove it normally for 5 miles. I then started doing 3rd gear roll-ons at 1/2 throttle to 1/2 of redline, 3/4 to 1/2, the 3/4 to 3/4, etc, all the way home. Like 30 miles. I did no steady-state running the first week, and concentrated on smooth, firm applications of power. I changed the oil with 10w30 petroleum base @ 200 miles, and started using the whole motor. I installed an Eaton supercharger at 2k miles, and have driven it pretty hard since. I regularly go WFO in 4 gears to 6500 rpm. This motor uses essentially zero oil between changes. Do a bunch of smooth, firm roll-ons w/ your new DRZ for a day or so. Put the correct DynoJet kit in your carb, or better yet throw down and get an FCR (unless you've got an E, of course) and ride it HARD.
  11. motomoron

    sm rims?

    Unless you have a death wish... DON'T DO IT! Tubeless wheels have bead seats. When you mount up a fresh tire on a tubeless wheel it often takes 60psi to get the bead to seat with a nice, resounding BANG. The Excels used for most SM wheels have no bead seats, and subsequently, if run tubeless, even hitting a decent pothole can cause instant deflation and unbeading of the tire. Years ago BMW motorcycles came with cast wheels designed for tube type tires, and plenty of clever beemer Weenies tried to go tubeless with disastrous results. I warned you...
  12. motomoron

    When 1st oil change

    The "Mototune break in method" is old news. In essence, you need pressure behind rings to get them to seat well. Once they're seated, freeing up everything else is just miles. The nice people at Honda gave me a new shortblock for my 2002 Civic Si whic had been consuming a quart of oil per 1000 miles due to rings that never seated. I got the old shortblock and the bores were perfect and the rings looked like mirrors... I broke in the new one the same way I broke in road race motors on the dyno. Warm it up til it's heat soaked, and start with half throttle to half of redline in second, third and fourth gears. do it about a dozen times. Then 3/4 open to half of redline, 3/4 to 3/4 , full to three quarters, whole thing. Once the rings are seated, with a modern motor, you're good to go. In the DRZ I did the same thing. after an hour I was using most of the motor, and after 200 miles I was using all of it. I did an FCR/3x3/pipe at 250 miles, and at 600 now it just keeps getting better and better. I city commute on it regularly, so all it does is holeshots and roll-on roll-off over and over and over.... I'm changing from the original oil this weekend to some sort of motorcycle-specific 10W40, and I'll change it every 1500 street miles...
  13. So I've finally got some grip, and I'm fully motard-acclimated after 10 years of sport bikes (and 12 years of weedy old BMWs before that). Wheelies, stoppies are second nature, I'm figuring out using the steeper rake afforded by a compressed front end to tighten turn-in, and I actually began a turn in while the back end was a bit floaty last night, and realized I'd just backed it in, if only a bit. I've got an old style 39mm FCR with jetting per Burned (all hail Burned) Akrapovic system, and about 10 sq. inches of airbox opening. I broke the motor in per Motomans instructions, as I've done the last half dozen new motors I've built or bought. I finally let it rip down an offramp on to a highway and let it pull 'til it was absolutely topped out. With stock tires, I saw 95mph indicated and I was sitting bolt upright. It was slightly uphill. I'm pretty sure if I tucked and did a flat track style fork leg grip it's be good for a ton, easy. I'm really impressed. I've got the green stripes that come on the tires scrubbed off, and I'm going to have the edges scrubbed in as soon as it's over 70* out. I'll post a few pics after it's had a bath since it turned out pretty nice. I made a few nice bits, removed a ton of stuff, got a thing or 2 from the Euro DRZ-S... Overall, it's the best money I've spent on motorcycling in 22 years as a licensed street rider, and it's almost as much fun as racing. I suspect a motard track day on a tight circuit will be the ultimate.
  14. motomoron

    1st pull over DRZ400S = $280 Fine

    I save all my vehicular civil disobedience for my daily commute into downtown Washington DC. Between the buses, jaywalking pedestrians, psycho bicycle and scooter messengers, sleeping cellphone using SUV users, flagrant traffic law violators, VIP motorcades, shambling shopping cart-pushing homeless people, Angry type-A attorneys, and general chaos, the cops just don't have time to pay attention to me hoiking a wheelie-to-lanesplit on K st. I'd say I see the rank-and-file traffic commit about a hundred infractions on my way to work every day. Personally, I can say with confidence that my ride is one continuous violation. I absolutely do not run red lights, and I always signal if there's ANYONE who might care which way I'm going, but otherwise, the issues of velocity, proximity to other vehicles or lane delineators (or sidewalks for brief periods), which wheel or wheels I happen to choose to use, and taking advantage of say, turning from the right side of K st across the crosswalk of 21st St. and then pointing it up town to avoid a 4 block loop to acomplish the same thing... Is all fair game. It's a totally victimless crime. The drivers in this town exhibit an amazing level of agressiveness combined with a total lack of deliberateness and attention; a lack of urgency and an abundance of indecision that is pervasive. And it's these b*stards who INSIST on moving their precious selves...ALONE...in 20 foot long 4500# vehicles while they yammer on their cell phones and block traffic and grind the grid into a motionless smoking logjam. Meanwhile, I just slice and dice through the whole mess like a plasma cutter through a hot beer can. I celebrate my utter freedom from the tyranny of gridlock with a little exhuberant one wheel action now and then. I'm sure that there have been law enforcement oficers who have been left grinding their teeth in frustration as the lusty tone of an Akrapovic exhaust fades in the Dupont tunnel, but ultimetely, a motard in the city is the perfect place and really, other than a race track or offroad, the only safe place from a persecution standpoint for this kind of shenanigans.... Do it where they either can't see you, can't catch you, or don't care.
  15. motomoron

    What's your forum username mean?

    Well, I've ridden for ages and ages and raced and built bikes and worked in the powersports industry, so I'm not REALLY a "moto-moron" but I tend to be sort of self deprecating, so...