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  1. FFS guys, lay off the kiddie porn and go get yourselves a prostitute freakin weirdo's
  2. I dont know how many of you know about this, it is a relatively new mag available on the net (you can also get hard copies on request) it is done by Chuck Debault who owns inferno racing, the focus is on Amateurs as the title suggests. give it a look over AEM Mag
  3. PorP

    check out my site

    www.focus-atv.com i am still working on the site folks. Please, if you know of a 1. event that happened or 2. event in the future for 1. click the community button and select the state it happened in if it is not there please e-mail or replay to this thread with date, event, coordinating org. and the charity supported. for 2. i have added an upcoming events button, they are seperated by month, please look, if it is not there, give me the same information as above but please include a location and a link to a flyer (or something to the effect of a flyer) if possible. also, under community, there is a pro/industry section, so if you know of the Pro's giving to charity or any of the site sponsors, please let me know so I can add that as well lastly, there are so many atv forums out there it is making my head spin and I am sure there are just as many Dirt Bike/Dual Sport forums, please help me get the word out about what i am trying to do folks, i do not make a cent from this site, i never intend to, the the time and money into it are my personal money and time, I also have no support for this site as of yet with the exception of a verbal agreement with atvriders.com that has not come to fruition yet. any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. www.focus-atv.com ~Ken
  4. PorP

    What does everybody ride

    i have an 04 trx450r that i race mx with, an 06 trx450r that i race xc with and an 04 predator that i use for recreational use
  5. PorP


    YIKES!!!!!!!! you guys have a real winner on your hands...... i think he might have a bit of a problem with the truth too, if everything he has said in this thread regarding his father and the terrain he has ridden were true, you might think he would have a clue on what kind of physical fitness it requires to propel RC around the track that fast and for that long. JMHO I voted for Twitch, i could not help myself, RC is Awsome and so is Twitch, it was a hard choice there is another part in there too, best play or something (I cant recall for sure) but the Godfathers jump across the fountain is one of the choices, ......... Support the Godfather!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i agree with the people who said to talk to the guy vice put your hands on them, i wasn't there and dont really know how severe the situation was other than from Rcannons persective. I do know this however, i will yell at my son at the track, if he is doing something stupid or endagering himself or anyone else, i may pull him off his bike and spank him if he creates a severe safety issue or less severe but does it several times after i have told him not to. to set the record straight, i dont care if he has intentions of racing someday, just rec riding, or doesnt like it (he does like riding) it is all up to him, i often ask him what his goals are and i then try to give him advice. but if i chose to disipline my child and someone interfered by touching me, my child would be your best friend for life, because at that point in time my frustration would switch from my son to that person, and i would intentionally lay it down well enough that the said person would never come near me or my family again
  7. PorP

    how to get melted pants off header?

    i am with ^^^^ him, i have never even tried to remove it, it always burns itself off
  8. PorP


    i ran the AC-X2 chromium for a few years, which held up great, was very comfy, dot/snell certified and had the removable liner. I picked up SixSixOne as a sponsor and switched to the Hurricane Flight which i am very impressed with, the the same features and comfort as the AC-X2 but with better ventilation, the nose gaurd and i like the flat black a alot better IMO
  9. PorP

    check out my site

    i made a bunch of changes, tried to make it more ORV centric rather than just atv's, added a recall section, and am adding a state law section, right now i only have NY, VA and MD filled in, but you will get the idea. let me know what ya think, and if you have any info, especially upcoming events, please let me know
  10. PorP

    check out my site

    attack is the wrong word, i have nothing against guns, and what i have on my site is a FACT, it does not matter if you like that part of it or not, if you can provide evidence that disproves that and provide a reference, i will be more than happy to take it out. not to mention your thought is flawed, if i were attacking guns, that would mean i was attacking auto's parents, bicycles..... etc, that is not the intent, the intent, and the purpose i took the time OUT OF MY DAY to find those was to prove that there are alot more dangerous things for kids to be doing..... like riding in a car or breathing as far as the rest of the site, i admit to one major flaw, when this concept started a while back, i was not thoughtful enough to include dirt bikes, i would like that to change that. i would like to track and log all of the ORV support to the community that we all contribute
  11. www.focus-atv.com let me know what you guys think, let me know if i forgot anything in the sfety or etiquette sections and most importantly, if your ORV group has volunteered/donated to any charity, e-mail me or PM me so i can add it
  12. PorP

    budds creek

    are you with the virginia based club that sometimes shares budds creek with us?
  13. PorP

    budds creek

    umm the crf450s are not running a keihin 40mm fcr?
  14. PorP

    budds creek

    i know i am correct that they are there, i am just not sure if they are going to keep that 1 single line, our off road group flags many of budds events, so they give us 3 free ride days there per event (it is only SMDR members that can ride these days) yesterday and today were 2 of those payback days. and dam-it if i didnt loose my zip ty on the 5th lap. good thing i had a buddy there with a spare quad. speaking of zip ty's, i have heard of a few other TRX450R's loosing their air/fuel screw, are any of you CRF450R/X'ers seeing this?
  15. for anyone who cares. for this coming national, they re-opened the back section (i dont think i have ever seen it open the 2 years i have been racing it), put a big step up in it. the track direction is so that you go up the finish line hill, before you go up the hill, you jump off a smaller one into a right hand turn, they turned that into a double so that you are landing just about in the turn. they made the whoops (which are new from this years atva nationals) before and after the front side table top a lot deeper. they added a section up by the holeshot turn (i am not posotive that will be there for the nationals???), you are going a speed and direction that it makes it fiarly difficult to set up for that down hill, its also a signle line and i could be wrong, but it seemed to me they added some distance to the big gulp. this should make for a very exciting track for this years national at budds