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  1. JasonH

    Acerbis Bike Stand for only $2.66!!!!

    Easy there sparky. It wasn't until I saw that the price changed that I realized it was a typo. I just thought that maybe it was a junky stand. I don't see how a plastic box is worth $60+. Oh well.
  2. JasonH

    Acerbis Bike Stand for only $2.66!!!!

    I got my order in before they changed it. We'll see if they honor it.
  3. I'm no KTM expert, but I do have a 95 version of the same bike. For what I use it for, I love it. I haul it to the trails on the weekends and can keep up (mostly) with my friends on 250 2-strokes. Then I put the mirrors back on and ride it to work during the week. The engine is really buzzy on the road so I wouldn't want to do a long trip on it, and I personally don't feel comfortable doing more than 60mph or so. But for short commutes and trips to the trailhead it's perfect. Parts are available, but the dealer won't carry them. If you can wait a few days, they can usually get them. Oil changes on mine are a huge pain, but I think the oil system on the 96 is a little different. Offer him $1500 and buy it.