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    This is a great subject. Everyone replying has said great things. Fear is human. What you do with it, where you store it, it's up to you. I think talking about it is a great start. I think everyone's encouragement is awesome. I know I'm probably more cautious than your average rider. More cautious than I need to be. But being a mom and having responsibilities, I think, requires caution. Good luck.
  2. junkielove

    Sitter gave notice today....

    Hi, moms. I am employed outside the home and don't have family. My sitter gave me two weeks notice this morning. Today was the last day of school. Daughter soon to be 12, son just turned 5. She sited health issues and the unfairness that her family has to back her up when she has appointments. Met with neighbor today. She's going to start on Monday. Nervous (I'm one of those protective moms). My kids have a pretty predictable life. This has caused quite an uproar in our home and my stomach. My daughter had plans for some sewing projects with the quitter sitter. Please share your stories. I hate "winging" it when it comes to my kids.
  3. junkielove

    Priorities Changing

    You are not alone. There isn't enough time in the day. When the weekend comes......
  4. junkielove

    Padded shorts ?

    I'm going to post here and dodge bullets at the same time I, too, wear the EVS mesh shorts with the "chamois" seat. Still getting used to it. I only wear them because I need something under my knee braces. I think I could seriously do without the extra stuff in the seat. I feel like I'm wearing a diaper. I'm thinking once she gets used to riding, that area will toughen up a bit and it won't bother her. I'm a freak for undergarments, so I do wear my regular skivies under them. Let's face it, I don't think there is riding or protective gear that is truly comfortable. Learn at your own pace--but-- Keep riding, sistah!!!!
  5. junkielove

    lowering w/o destroying suspension?

    I'm 5' 8". RMZ250. Shaved seat with a bread knife as low as we could. Would like it a little lower but with boots on it's manageable. Also...switched out stock kicker for an '06 KDX250F. Much less weight on left leg, less leaning bike to start. Good luck. Too chicken**## to mess with suspension.
  6. junkielove

    My little Thumpette's first race...

    Great story. Awesome job, to both of you. I also appreciated the part where she helped another rider and the fact that we can feel the love when we read your story. Very, very cool. ps Brag on, dad, you know you wanna', it's awesome!!
  7. junkielove

    It must be the breasts.....

    Wow! I didn't expect this much attention!! I'm thankful that some of you enjoyed my story (and some didn't, it's cool). Pammy, I can't always start my bike, especially after I have just spent a ton of energy in 90+ heat picking it up. You understood perfectly, except until now I hated that I need help. This year, I started watching, and guys help each other out all the time. Why do I need to feel the need to be so hard on myself? That was the point of the story. It's because of the breasts that I feel the need to prove something????? Good luck to you all, we are here to learn from one another, and to help one another. I think it's awesome that we can share stories, even if we don't all understand them at first. p.s. I don't need bigger ones, sorry about the toothpaste, can you wear a "cup" when you ride?, and honey helped me out today and I didn't throw a fit, and no people help me because they are nice and I would do the same for them. And I ride a four stroke, is there a text version of the sound they make??? I guess BBBBBrrrrapppp!!!! works for now.
  8. junkielove

    The Best Day Riding

  9. junkielove

    It must be the breasts.....

    It's funny, I thought thumpers out there would post technical and relationship advice. I just wanted sympathy and to know someone else was rowing the boat with me, and there ya'll are!!! Glad to know I'm not alone and yes, kawinj, we are complex beings. We always need help, it's just hard for us proud ones to say so. Good luck to you all and thanks. Stay on two wheels.
  10. junkielove

    It must be the breasts.....

    Rode for the first time since January (Arenacross) today. OMG!!!! I wasn't too worried about the 10pounds I put on my ass over winter, it will go as soon as we start riding every weekend. I should have said IF we start riding every weekend. I could only do a couple laps at a time because my hands are so stiff, I couldn't squeeze the clutch. So, I call "hunny" out and tell him somethin's wrong with the damn thing, "it can't be JUST arm pump." Apparently, it's just arm pump. So everybody's wondering what the hell is wrong, why ain't I ridin', why am I only goin' a lap or two before I come off the track breathless. MUST BE THE BREASTS. They restrict the blood flow. In previous years (two riding, total), I would get pissed when people (read: men) would offer to help me when I bit it on the track or couldn't kick my bike over. Well, ladies, it's a new season and today people were helping and I was letting them. Pride used to get me nowhere. Today, a little humble sand pie got me and my bike off the track when I buried it in a rut and didn't have any more to give. Two guys started it and another drove it back to my trailer. Thank you. MUST BE THE BREASTS. p.s. my seriously awesome husband who is used to my throwing a fit and jumping all over the place while spitting fire if he offers to help blew by me while I was buried. He even yelled "get out of the way" (completely filled with love, of course). Boy, is he in for a rude awakening this year, his hunny do list is about to get waaaayyyy long. Too bad he's already seen them (the breasts). That's my new line, MUST BE THE BREASTS, could you help me out a little?
  11. junkielove

    Need a shorter kick start lever?

    Sorry about your luck. I'm keeping my finger crossed that it will "work."
  12. junkielove

    Need a shorter kick start lever?

    If anyone is looking to shorten their kick start lever... 2006 KX250f kicker fits nicely on RM Z250.
  13. junkielove

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    Thank you. If you see me, say hello. I'll be the SLOW one.
  14. junkielove

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    I am also: new to the forum, in MI, began riding at 33 years (never on bike before). I learned on my current bike, 2004 RMZ-250. I am, like a few women I know, still conservative. I work full time and have two young children. I can't break anything on my body. I am racing Arenacross on Sunday 1/29/06 in Grand Rapids. Excited & Nervous. Congratulation on your new purchase. Good luck. Eventually you will learn to keep it on two wheels most of the time. Ride your ride, not someone else's. Jeremy McGrath has a new video out for beginners. The problem with many videos is that they go too fast and don't start with the basics. Jeremy's is very slow and starts with the basics. Good luck. Hope to see you out there sometime. Please say hello. Black RMZ #116.. Race MPX (Siebawaing) all season, ride SandBox (Vassar) and hope to be D-14 this year. BBBRRRAAAPPP!!!
  15. junkielove

    Cheryl Mccullough In The House?

    Hey. I am new to the forum. Also in Michigan. Are you part of the McCullough as in McCullough MX park coming to Holly, Mi? Excited and curious. Sorry, don't know who she is.