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    Hello everyone, I've got a 00 mod wr400f and it seized on the weekend on my ride home after some bush bashing i was riding down the road at about 80km and it just lost all power and slowed up. I through it was running out of fuel so i switched it to reserve and tried to take off but it just locked up the back wheel so i stopped and found neutral and tried to kick it and wouldn't budge. when i got it home i stripped it down and found it was the big end bearing. I have a question: what should replace in the rebuild? everything or just the bottom end as the top end was done about 4-5 months ago. any guidance will be very useful Thanks in advance AARON
  2. aaron_dr250s

    turn signals and dash lights not working

    it's the standard kit thats it comes with here in australia.
  3. Hi, After riding my wr400f home from work the other day I noticed my turn signals and dash lights have stopped working. Since I noticed this I have checked the bulbs and wiring to find it's all in tact. I'm not sure what to do now:confused:. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.