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  1. davekirksey

    07 wr450 Scotts Sub Mount/bars?

    Anybody put a Scotts Stabilizer Sub mount with tall bars(ie Pastrtana fmx high bend) Is their enough cable to do it?
  2. davekirksey

    xr 400 oil change?

    I have an xr400, I am the second owner and it is a 2000. A friend of mine said I shoud change the oil, that the original oil can get dirty and the new oil will make suspension better. The suspension is ok for now but any improvement I would welcome. Is this proposed oil change going to make my suspension ride better,or will the time and money spent not be worth it for the little, if any improvement?
  3. davekirksey

    weight distirbution hich

    If you set it up right you will not to un hook the wd hiych off road, I never do and so do many others.
  4. I have a f250 crew cab short bed 6.75 ft. I want to pull a WW SL fifth wheel. The pin appears to be forward enough that I could pull without problems. Does any one have this set up without a sliding hitch?
  5. davekirksey

    off road boots

    try AXO's, I have shift combats, the buckles are nice, good looking boot, just not enough padding around ankle bone, my next pair will be axo.
  6. davekirksey

    xr250 muffler tailpipe

    I bought a used 2001 xr250. The other day I noticed that the diameter of the muffler tailpipe exhaust pipe is very small, about a half of an inch. My 2004 crf230 has an opening twice the size, on a bike with less ccs. Shouldn't the pipe be bigger on an engine with a bigger displacement? I pulled of the black back part that honda says to take of and clean, there was no screen to clean the black piece and the allen screw that holds the pipe in the back removable part could not be removed. What is the diameter of your guys xr250 exhaust pipe?
  7. davekirksey

    xr200 vs. crf230f

    My 14 year old daughter rides my friends crf230. I want to get her a bike but I do not like to pay for new and I am not an electric start fan(battery, maintainence starter etc..) Did the crf230f ever come with a kick start only model and is the xr200 a good option. By the way a crf150f is to small of a bike for her.
  8. davekirksey

    Oil viscosity and performance

    Thanks guys, sounds like I will try to reclean the air filter, and oil lightly with a differrent foam oil if the problem continues.
  9. davekirksey

    Oil viscosity and performance

    Did my first oil change to a 2000 xr400 I bought used. Drained oil at frame, then at bottom of crankcase, filter removed and replaced with Hiflo filter. Put in 1.9 qts but it seemed thick, maybe cool morning, not so, I read the bottle, Castrol 4 stroke grand prix Grade 70. OK I screwed up, so I drained it again right away before starting it up(thankfully), and filled it up with 1.9 qts fo Maxima 20w/50w. Cleaned Uni air filter with kerosene, let it dry, sprayed with PJ1 foam filter oil and put it back on bike. Go to start it, full choke one kick, putter, die. Half choke, one kick, fires up, at this point it is running like it always has. ( Usually I will let it idle about 2-4min. until rpms tell me its warm then turn choke off rev it up and it's ready to ride strong until your done.) However this time after running about 5 sec. the rpm idle slows and it dies. Kick it a third time does it again, and again, etc. I must give throttle and rev it manually for about 30 sec to get it to run without cutting out. In short it is slightly harder to start and takes longer to warm up, Hot starts seem slightly harder to kick. Could the residual 70 grade make this difference, won't it mix and the traces of it be unnoticed? Could the previous owner have ran 10w40w thus making a difference? Could the type of filter oil cause a difference? Any thoughts?
  10. davekirksey

    Valve Adjustment

    I bought a used 2000 xr 400. The previous owner said he never adjusted the valves. It has approx. 4,000 miles on it and runs fine. He is the second owner and he bought it when it was a year or two old. So what harm if any was done, should I have them adjusted or just ride on?
  11. davekirksey

    white brothers skid plate?

    Does anyone have a white bros. skid plate? Does the front part of the plate bolt directly to the two existing frame mounts on the bike where the factory tube would mount?
  12. davekirksey

    xr skid plate needed

    Thanks guys, I will get a aftermarket, devol sounds like it bolts to existing frame mounts in front.
  13. davekirksey

    xr skid plate needed

    I bought a used xr400 with the factory skid tube(bolts on to frame) missing. Does anyone out there who has put on an aftermarket skid plate still have their factory skid tube that they would give or sell to me cheap. If i have to buy an after market skid plate, which mfg. will bolt directly to the frame without having to use the clamps? I have heard that white brothers will bolt right to the frame mounts , can anyone deny or confirm?
  14. davekirksey

    how long will it last?

    I just bought a 2001xr250 and a 2000xr400. Both bikes appear to have been maintained. From talking to owners they both have about 3500 miles each on them. how many miles will these engines take before you lose compression or have other problems etc.. how about the clutches how long do they last?