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  1. Stripey Foal

    Crazy-Hot Generator Cover

    Not really a burning smell, more like a "something is hot as hell" smell... I sniffed around the bike once I climbed off it and couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary... but holy cow, does that generator cover get hot. Sorry to disappoint... it's just a plain ol' stock genny cover.
  2. Stripey Foal

    Crazy-Hot Generator Cover

    Thanks, Bronco78... that's reassuring. I'll quit worrying about it and go riding! Mike
  3. Stripey Foal

    Crazy-Hot Generator Cover

    Hi All, My bike (an '05 SM) has been smelling a bit hot lately, even after riding it for very short distances. My ride home from work is 2.9 km (that's only about 1.8 miles) in stop-and-go traffic, and I noticed today that by the time I get home the generator cover (left side of engine case when you're sitting on the bike) is so damn hot I can only hold my fingers on it for about one second. Is this kind of heat normal after such a short ride? In total, the engine has only been running for about 10 minutes by the time I pull into my driveway... it seems awfully hot to me, but maybe that's just the way it is... Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. Stripey Foal

    Pics of DRC Edge-2 w/ 602 MOTOLED Flasher

    I just installed an Edge taillight, not an Edge II... the original Edge is what you want if you have an S or an SM, it mounts directly to the subframe. I have the 602 blinkers with clear lenses. The LEDs inside the blinkers are amber, so naturally they light up amber when they're on. As some others have pointed out, unless you do the relay mod your blinkers will blink much faster. Not a problem really, just a lot faster than stock.
  5. Stripey Foal

    Noisy Rear Brake

    Hah! I like the loud pipe suggestion... but I already run a Yosh RS3 full system with the spark arrestor pulled, and I can still hear the damn rear brake! I'm going to try removing and cleaning the pads as you guys have suggested and I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks! Mike
  6. Stripey Foal

    Noisy Rear Brake

    Hi All, My '05 SM has a noisy rear brake when I engage it lightly. It's perfectly quiet if I brake hard, but if I brake lightly it emits a nasty moaning/grunting sound as I roll to a stop. It doesn't scrape or drag noticeably when I spin the rear wheel, the pedal freeplay is set correctly, and the bike has never been laid down so I don't really suspect a bent rotor. It's annoying and embarrassing... the bike sounds like a wounded animal when I stop at intersections. Any ideas on how to get rid of the noise? Thanks, Mike
  7. Stripey Foal

    3x3 Mod And The B.C. Climate

    Hi All, I did the Dynajet Stage II kit install on my '05 SM (155 main jet) and I'm just about to cut the airbox for the 3x3 mod as recommended in the Dynajet instructions. The local Suzuki mechanic suggested that the 3"x3" hole may be better suited for California weather and could be too much air for the cooler, humid climate here on Vancouver Island. He's suggesting that I start with a smaller opening than 3"x3" and gradually increase the opening size until the bike feels right. Here's my question, particularly to the B.C.-based riders: did you go through this tweaking process, or did you just cut the 3"x3" hole and that was it? I'd be interested to hear from any riders in B.C. who have done the 3"x3" mod with the DJ kit and what the results were, good or bad. Thanks in advance, Mike
  8. Stripey Foal

    3x3 Mod Photos?

    I'm a TT newbie and I'm sure this thread has been beaten to death, but... I'm looking for photos and instructions for the 3x3 airbox mod. I've searched the DRZ forum and found a few dead links to photos... but have yet to find anything helpful. Anybody have photos and/or instructions, or know where I might find them? Thanks in advance,
  9. Stripey Foal

    Cycle World Article

    Thanks for the link, the tours look really interesting. Has anybody gone on one of these yet?