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  1. Captainuno

    AMA D38 King of the Desert race

    Yes we are aware of this, they contacted us with concerns, we do not think there will be any issues as their course runs farther to the west & our race is on Sunday, but thank you for bring that up Jim. Tell Steve Walker hi for me, we used to race together back in the day down here, I know he is in your club. Kirk Hester Roadrunner President
  2. Captainuno

    2009 Baja 1000 raceday wire

    KTM = Kan't Take Mexico.......Sorry, someone had to say it........my bad.....
  3. No Robby has not gotten the dog back. Apparently the people who found the dog have not heard that the owner is activly looking for it or that the person decided to keep it. Robby said that he hopes the dog was found and is in a good home. Either way, I know that my dogs are part of the family and I'm sure Robby misses his dog very much. Kirk
  4. I did go to Glamis Dunes.com, this looks promising, hopefully they will get a hold of the dogs owner to see if it is his dog, I noticed that his email was put on the board. This is great work guys and girls. Robby has not called me with info about finding the dog yet. Someone has him and I'm sure that when they find out that the owner is looking for him, he will be returned. This is why I love the desert so much, it's full of the greatest people. Keep the faith, Kirk
  5. Not yet, still looking for the people who found the dog. I will post when they get back together. Keep the faith
  6. I talked to Rob (the dogs owner) last night, told him of the idea of putting a sign up at the entrance of the Superstition Mountains for all to see as they enter. Also to put an ad in the San Diego Offroader of the lost dog. Hopefully somone will see this who knows the people who found the dog and will forward the message to them. Rob wanted me to express his sincere thanks to all who has kept this alive, he misses his pooch and is looking forward to being reunited with him. Best Regards, Kirk Hester
  7. Thank you Valerie, your an angel....ooops I mean Goddess Kirk
  8. Doug, Don't beat yourself up over this, we will get the dog back to it's owner. If not for you, we wouldn't even know if the dog was still alive. And to Palmdale rider for sending me an email directing me here THANK YOU BOTH! Yes maybe a sign at the beginning of Wheeler Road into the Sups would be a great idea. Rob, the dogs owner lives in the Imperial Valley and could run out there and stick one up. I will mention it to him. I did put Rob's email on the last post but here it is again rippinrob@sbcglobal.net if anyone hears anything that could be helpful. I wish the moderators here would make this a sticky. Keep the faith and thank you all so much. Kirk Hester Roadrunner President District 38 Vice President
  9. Captainuno

    lost dog- plaster city west

    You got that right, we have 2 male Wiems, hearty dogs. Great family dogs and very protective of children. I know Eli (the missing dog) one of the largest I've ever seen. If a coyote ever caught him, I'm sure he wish he hadn't. For a domestic dog, 3 weeks in the desert (lost Dec 10th) with no food or water just goes to show you what these beautiful dogs are like. Kirk Hester Roadrunner President D38 Vice President
  10. Hello Everyone, I just want to say thank you for all the help on locating my friends Dog. I have been on and off the phone with him all day trying to get info that will help connect them back together. The owners name is Rob, the dogs name is Eli. Rob's email address is rippinrob@sbcglobal.net so if anyone hears of who has the dog, please email Rob with the details. We are so happy to hear that the dog is all right and we apprciate all the help the members of TT who have shown concern for the dogs well being. One more step and we can bring this story to a happy ending. Best Regards, Kirk Hester Roadrunner President D38 Vice President