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  1. All kidding aside, weight between the axles will not affect the steering as much as weight behind the rear axle. Just keep your aunt and uncle off the bumper and you'll be fine.
  2. You guys should get your vehicles front axle weight before and after mounting bikes. Especially smaller cars and suvs. Lightening the front axle causes serious safty issues at highway speeds.
  3. RV Doctor in Temecula, CA is run by former WW employees. They have a kit to properly reinforce the WW superlite frame. They add outrigger doublers and additional cross members plus interior cabinet panels. My FS2300 is a 2006 and has the 3/16" tongue. Trailer is rock solid towing max weight in desert for last 5 years. The problem with removing WD bars is your tongue weight now exceeds the class III hitch rating.
  4. Use fork savers to keep rhe bikes stable. I use them in truck and toy hauler. Otherwise they bikes bounce out of the straps.
  5. Sounds like the an - dc converter is gone. Do the outlets work??
  6. thess

    Titan vs Tundra

    Last night (new years night) there was a tundra and trailer flipped and burned on Cajon Pass. It looked like the trailer brakes overheated. Get a diesel with tow/haul engine braking. Your family will thank you.
  7. 14x14, I had to replace all mine on a 2006 FS2300. Lids are easy but I replaced the whole unit. They were about $40 a piece with smoked covers from Dyer's RV.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Even as I wrote that post I was thinking this was more an issue of my throttle control and clutch skills than the bike.
  9. I have 2003 KLX400S (DRZ) with Yosh pipe and JD jet kit. I've regeared to 14/48 for hills. My problem is the throttle comes on too quick to comfortably ride slow technical trails or stay with the kids on those rides. Is this fixable by changing the needle position? Thanks
  10. I want to ride more, so I need to unload my 2003 KLX 400 R which is red stickered. Should I be advertising this outside of california?
  11. thess


    Pro Comps are made by Cooper for 4 wheel parts parent company. They are currently under recall. Google pro comp cooper tires.
  12. thess

    Economy Toy Hauler

    Just034, Did you consider the increased weight's effect on your trailer's GVWR? I'm considering a similar mod, but the bikes weight takes me over the axle rating.
  13. Did you ever stop and figure out how much that warranty cost you? The dealership quoted me prices of over $7K more than the Attitude price. For what? A name? I could replace most of the trailer if I had to with that amount of money! I've had no problems with the Attitude. To each his own..
  14. We bought a 19' Attitude a couple months ago and really love it. We've had no major problems. We read all the forums and compared all the specs, and the Attitude seemed to be the best buy for the money. We read about issues with misreported weights, etc. I think that was dealt with when they first came out. We bought ours and then went straight to a public scale and it was right on. We looked at Weekend Warriors and just weren't impressed. The bathroom door wouldn't open and once it did, it wouldn't close. It didn't have near the features that the Attitude had. If you compare weights, be sure to compare axel weight ratings too. The front window on the Attitude is so nice!!! Hope this helps. happy hunting!