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  1. I believe the Ride Engineering clamps come with the stem & bottom bearing in place, Bolt on
  2. US Chrome, he did 2 cylinders for me a couple of weeks ago, All is good!
  3. He & Millennium are no longer "partnered" up, I don't think you're going to get Eric Gorr porting if you order from Millennium Technologies Re-reading the post, you're just looking for the parts, my bad!
  4. My son just picked up an '05, He wants to do some work on it, I guess he's bored with his KLX??? I tried reading through the search results, not quite all the answers (or maybe I missed them?) Does the Bigger bore cylinder & heads bolt on these engines? Dr 200 or LTR 230? Is the KX 85/100 - RM 100 clamps a direct bolt in? Same bearings & races? Is the Brake caliper mounting the same, Can I use the DRZ front wheel? What year CR 85 shocks fit? Thanks, Frank
  5. It is definately worth a call or two, 10 hrs. is a little premature, I just picked up a '14 leftover for my son the other day, We'll see how it goes??? I never had a problem with any of the 15 - 20 Kawis that we had, My son has been on them since the 65cc days
  6. I would contact Kawasaki customer service, I wouldn't rely on the dealer telling you it's not covered
  7. I use Vertex Pistons in every bike we own! Quality parts. What blew after 10 hrs. My kid rides the wheels off of his bikes & never had a Kawi blow, 40 hrs. piston replacement????
  8. There are a bunch of changes between the 2009 & the 2013, some very small. However put them all together & the bike is way better! The suspension is different, EFI, Exhaust, engine internals (camshafts) They all add up!
  9. My son hasn't raced any Honda's (except a CR125) I think you'll have to do some mods to the Honda to level the playing field with the others, that being said, It will corner better then the Kawi or KTM
  10. KTM peeps will tell you the KTM is the way to go & visa versa, The Kawi parts are cheaper when you have to buy them, both bikes rip!
  11. Absolutely, There are one of the best out there!
  12. My son doing his thing Then & Now
  13. Check Impulse MX, he does my son's graphics & wraps, Tell him Big F sent you
  14. HaHa, I just now saw this post. Pantley was cruising at ECMX for sure! I looked at the results this morning, Jake had a couple of DNF's hopefully he's OK. It was nice to finally meet you, I'm trying to talk Brent into coming east for the Met Life SX, that's about 45 minutes from my house