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  1. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250 wont run right

    I just had the motor in my cr rebuilt. I used a hot rods crank and wiseco piston. I just put it back together and it doesnt idle right, it keeps rising when started. I start it and it will idle right for about 2 seconds then starts steadily rising. First i cleaned the carburator, then i was messing with all the adjustments on it, and the throttle adjustment, it still keeps rising, does anyone know why, thanks for your input.
  2. chuckstrobeck

    What piston should i get wiseco or vertex or other?

    I replaced the top end in my rm a while back, i used a wiseco piston kit, and i definately dont regret it. It made it feel like it had a whole gear more power wise. I didnt have to get my bike rejetted, i replaced the reeds along with that, and the thing was an absolute beast. So i would and always will go with wiseco pistons.
  3. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    ill just get it honed then gotcha
  4. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    I took the motor to a guy i know and we pulled it apart. The crank bearings are bad so im gonna buy a complete top and bottom end kit from motosport for 359 and have it all done. He charges 300 to put in all the parts, and bore out the cylinder, or could i get a stock size piston and have it honed, as its not bad looking.
  5. chuckstrobeck

    Looking into Ktm.

    Yeah but would it be a good trail bike?
  6. chuckstrobeck

    Looking into Ktm.

    Heres the story, i just bought a 93 cr 250 to mess around with on jumps and such, and im in the process of rebuilding that. Well im looking into getting a 4-stroke bike to ride on trails, but also to use for my jumps and such. Ive been looking at the 505, because i want something that is just as fast, or faster than my 250, but also a decent trail bike. Im 5'10" and weigh 220. What are your suggestions?
  7. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    I pulled the motor last night, i took of the head, but one of the cylinder bolts is stripping and doesnt want to come off. Does anyone have any suggestions of getting it off. The top of the piston looks corroded on top, im prob gonna buy a whole top end kit and have it redone. I think the problem was stuff was flaking off the piston and getting stuck in the cylinder and causing it to stop running.
  8. chuckstrobeck

    Suzuki 86 lt230 quadsport

    Im not exactly sure on the year, but i think its an 86. Anyway, i bought the quad for 200 bucks from a guy down the road. I got it runnin today. My question is where can i find black plastics for the quad? and are there any type of flaps for the back fenders, so i dont get covered with mud while riding. Thanks for your reply.
  9. chuckstrobeck

    89 xr 100 question

    yeah ill just keep it to mess around on, its not my main bike, i just bought a cr250 and a bored out lt230 quad to mess around on.
  10. chuckstrobeck

    Honda CR250

    As long as you know how to ride, and respect the bike you shouldnt have a problem at all.
  11. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    Yeah i think i might have blew the rings, im gonna pull the head tmrw. I got all the plastics bolted up, and now i just gotta figure this out, and get the bike running.
  12. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    well my dad adjusted the carb and stuff today to get the idle right, and after a bit he said it felt like it was startin to ceize up, so he told me not to run it anymore, and we would figure it out. Well what im going to do is just rebuild the whole bike, unless anyone knows what the problem is.
  13. chuckstrobeck

    Nuts and bolts for a cr 250

    I just bought my 93 cr 250, well my question is that the guy i bought it from lost a lot of bolts, and i need to find replacements. The bolts missing are pretty much all the plastic bolts. Does anyone know a lot of the sizes and when i go to home depot in a bit i can buy a lot of bolts. Thanks, Chuck
  14. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    another question is that the bike is missing a decent bit of bolts for the plastics, i just put on zip ties for pictures, does anyone know where i can get the bolts, or the sizes, and i can get them at home depot.
  15. chuckstrobeck

    93 cr 250

    check out the pics of the bike on my myspace. The link is myspace.com/chuckstrobeck