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  1. ausimoto

    1991 Kx250 service manual???

    i think i will cheers ausi
  2. ausimoto

    flat spot YZ450 2006??

    Guys He thaught that by dropping the bike into a dealer it would fix the problem, but no after spending hundreds of dollars still a dead spot not as bad. Thanks for your advice guys.
  3. ausimoto

    flat spot YZ450 2006??

    It is a vortex ignition, and the flat spot occurs when you snap the throttle and the bike is that bad it stalls the engine. I will try the stock Ignition back on it to isolate the problem. Thanks guys i will let you know how i go. ausi
  4. Hi guys a good mate of mine just fitted a vortex to his bike and re-jetted his carbi and now it has a flat spot when accellerating. I adjusted his air/fuel screw and put a smaller jet in it with no luck. If anyone could asist in rectifying this problem would be great:crazy: cheers Ausi
  5. Hey guys I have a project bike and i am sure that someone would have a service manual for my 91 kx250 that could be emailed. The last thing i want to do is buy something from a dealer if i dont have to, spent enough over the years as it is. So if you could assist me it would be appreciate it. regards ausi
  6. ausimoto

    91 kx250 service manual

    Hey guys What would be a good cioce??? regards ausi
  7. ausimoto

    Dt230 with no spark

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone a had a service manual that they can email me. I started my bike and it backfired and stopped now there is no spark. thanks ausi
  8. ausimoto

    2000 Ttr 90

    Hey ovrrdrive any chance of getting a copy of your cd as my son has a ttr90 and it would help. this would be appreciated thanks ausi
  9. ausimoto

    kx250 exhaust

    hey dudes a mate just purchased a 2002 kx250 and he was wondering what exhaust would be the go. 1) FMF gold series snarly pipe with a shorty silencer, 2) Pro Circuit t4. let us know he is realy keen. cheers 'Ausi
  10. ausimoto

    DRD exhaust on 06/07

    Hey dude a mate has a DRD pipe on his CRF250R and it is great a big improvement from standard. cheers ausi:applause:
  11. ausimoto

    CRF will not kick over?

    Thanks guys it was a valve adjustment problem, reshimmed and starts like a dream. A great bike. cheers ausi
  12. ausimoto

    What clutch??

    Thanks Guys I think i will go back to genuine as it has lasted 2 years with the first one. cheers ausi
  13. ausimoto

    looking at rmz450

    ive had mine for 1 yr put on rocket exhaust mate and shes sweet. you will love it
  14. ausimoto

    Engine spluttering

    Tydog It is the upper parts of the rev range where the motot is spluttering. hope this helps. ausi
  15. ausimoto

    Engine spluttering

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the engine coughing and spluttering at full throttle. The reason i ask this is because i went out riding with a mate yesterday on his 2005 RMZ450 where it still has awesome power but when you hit full throttle the motor seems to breakdown. Your assistance would be appreciated. ausi