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  1. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    Some kickas* trike pics for ya guys! http://www.fototime.com/{4E900E06-5298-486A-9257-ADEA621A8654}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{E3BA844F-36FD-4AFE-9A1A-2A0CF2D26DE2}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{2C7DB5E2-31C9-4ACD-A6B3-8BFA333D982B}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{9949C014-C9DB-4CBA-855B-054506A89354}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{68091B85-03BD-470E-B2AF-050578CFEF46}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{485EBB74-D09F-4CFA-A2B8-6833666B1523}/picture.JPG http://www.fototime.com/{68091B85-03BD-470E-B2AF-050578CFEF46}/picture.JPG Note noe of these are mine though...They are scottzj's off 3wheelerworld
  2. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    dude 3 wheelers are my life! Lol it was 4 wheelers..but i like 3 wheelers now. the front end comes up so fricken easy on em! Mine is pretty cool. I'd say it does around 60 give or take. Ive also got a 200 4 wheeler...does 50... So lets see 4 wheeler 200: crappy wheelies,50 MPH VS 3wheeler 200:sweet lookin,awesome wheelies,60+mph....This is why i like i 3 wheelers. But dirtbikes,3wheelers,4wheelers...their all good fun! but there is somethin bout trkes i really like.
  3. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    That 80 you got looks real nice. Unfortunally i just dont got the money or space/time to do a full restore...but i love doing them. i bought a 3wheeler and its down to the frame almost and im doin a full restore on that. Now trikes are legends too! I dont plan on restoring my xr just riding it for fun...and mudding...and wheelies.. Its very fun to ride. I need more gas for tomorow.
  4. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    Well yep i got it. My dad paid the cahs becuase my other 200 bucks got stolen at school! I drove it today.. Seems to run good. Im just gonna leave it as is. Maybe change the stickers. Its all muddy now and its to cold to clean it...(went thru the field) It will look much better once i clean it. When i do that ill take pics and post them here....
  5. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    yeah i could paint. It wouldnt look bad but might flex and break and stuff. I will ride it like it is untill i get a lil more cash and might make it updated
  6. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    yeah thanks....i saw that earlier. I may get it but i might not because i want to go with red.....i meen look at this 2000 model. Mine would look like that..all it needs is a red rear and front fender and a red tank and a red 100r seat cover and a white 2000 side panel( i don't know if that would bolt on though).... http://www.bikepics.com/pics/pics/honda-xr100-00-bikepics-353773.jpg
  7. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    ok but i can't find it thru denniskirk though. Even if i look under 200r. I looked and looked and looked and just can't find that XR tank decal. As for the white i will either buy one not cut and cut it or sumthing. where can i find that decal people? honda dealer?
  8. cragster

    Getting my first dirtbike (1986 XR100R)

    ok thanks man. I will sure do that.i guess the plastic ain't to bad. I'll get an XR tank decal and white sidepanel backgrouds and get some numbers on there and that'll help!
  9. Hello my name is cragster. I found a 1986 Honda XR100R for sale. clean for 500 bucks. So im buying this here in a week or less hopefully. I've drove an Xr80R and an XR200R i figure this will be a little bigger than the 80. I'm 14...i know i know an xr200r would be better....but cash is a problem. I'm a member from a great site about 3 wheelers called 3wheelerworldforums.com its awesome you guys should check it out. Me and my dad are doing a full restore on my '86 Honda ATC200x. Its got a 6 speed tranmission. Pretty sweet bike just FYI. Anyways here are some pics of it and some pics of the things i plan on doing to it. Also i have a question....is it possible to put 2001 tank and fenders on it to make it sprtyer and have tank fins? Heres actual pics.... Heres my idea's.....