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  1. Well here it is. Ewbish hit the nail on the head. I took the carb apart again and cleaned the pilot jet out and gave the fuel air screw and adjustment. It runs like a champ again.The pilot jet had a small piece of sand or something in it. All I can say is that a piece of sand can take your bike right out of its game. Thanks for all your input in this thread. It definitely helped solve my problem.
  2. I'm going to check the pilot jet. That is the only thing I havent looked at yet.
  3. Thanks. I will check that out. Can that cable tighten itself up?
  4. I have not checked the valves on it since it was new and I have ridden it 6 or 7 times for a day at a time. Those are long hard riding days. The way it started running like crap all of of sudden makes me think that something went out of whack like the valves. I just checked the carb and put in the JD kit so I doubt its the carb, but who knows. Maybe I will have to take it back to the dealer and have them take a look at it.
  5. It was strange because I didnt do anything out of the ordinary. No water,didnt go down or anything. I was running good gas and running desert trails. My air filter is a twin air and it is clean. I just installed the JD kit and that involves a new main jet,needle and accelerator pump mod with the O-ring. It seems to run just the same as before, which is not good.Like I said before, it wont start without the choke even when it is already warmed up. I have no clue. Would the valves have that much effect if they are out?
  6. OK, here is my problem. I bought a new 450X and have been riding it for a couple of months and it was running as good as can be expected for a stock bike with only the smog taken off and the insert taken out of the stock exhaust. Then one day it started running like shit and got worse as the day went on. It would only start with the choke on and run really ruff. I would push the choke off and it would die. So I bought the JD jetting kit and installed it, opened the air box, hoping that would be the cure all but no such luck. It still barely runs. What happened to my bike? Did my valves go way out? I have no clue. Could someone help shed some light on this problem of mine? I am use to 2strokes and this 4 stroke technology got me twisted.
  7. I wonder if the KTM 450 EXC stater is much different. That bike has a switch for the headlight. If it was hard on the stater to run without that draw of the headlight, you wouldnt think they would install the switch on the KTM. Anybody else have any insight on this?
  8. It is not the cost of the bulb. It is the extra draw on the battery on start up and on the stater that is not needed. I would like the versatility of being able to turn it off when I dont need it, which is 95% of the time. Also when I race on a track, the light being on looks out of place. But the bike does not.
  9. What is the best switch to put on my 450x to be able to turn my headlight off when I want to. I do not like the fact that it is always on. Any suggestions besides unplugging the light?