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  1. Hello OWC, You are correct it is a speed density system. I do have EFI knowledge. On my last street build (2008 Harley FXDSE2) I used an Alpha-N system. Did the build myself and got it producing 127hp and 126 fptq. 2nd gear is a blast, whack the throttle at 30 and leave 80 footer and a blaze of smoke. Anyway I don't want to bore you with all that. Just want to let you know I do have experience with EFI systems. And you are correct, I should have a shop manual as to be able to quote more accurately. Please understand I'm not complaining or trying to Bash Dave. What I have noticed is that so far I haven't seen too many technically asked questions / points as you have put out. My mistake was posting the whole email. Should have just stuck to my line items. My line items are based off a 2017 500 EXC-F and the parts I've installed from ktmandhusky. The purchase of the parts was based on the website description. I just found differences that I wanted to discuses with Dave. Being that I couldn't get a proper technical response from Dave I decided to bring it over here to TT for a further technical discussion from individuals which are technical and running Dave's parts. It appears that I went about it the wrong way. But that's been stated in some of my other posts too. By the way, are you running any of Dave's parts? If so, on what bike?
  2. Bryan, I don't have a problem at all with that. If Dave wishes to chime in that's great. I think Dave is a pretty smart guy and he gets on to some good cost effective things.
  3. Bryan I totally understand your point. Please understand that my line items are the focus. And I'm not trying to smear Dave. I am 54yrs old and have been building bikes for a long time and have a lot to offer especially to engine builds and EFI along with fuel management systems. I also have been riding dirt since I was a knee high. Point is I'm just a very technical guy. I am in no way trying to bash Dave's products or reputation. I was just stating from a technical perspective of what I found. That's all man. I'm sure others have discussed items that they have purchased in detail before and if they received a product that didn't live up to their expectations or worked outstanding they posted it. Like I said before my mistake was probably post the whole email and I'm sorry for that. -Chris
  4. Not. Again, my posts are my opinion of the technical findings that I found. The only thing aggressive is you. On my bike the 90 Degree Fitting and the fuel rail offer no advantages to the supply of fuel. As for your 50psi line that you are using. That should be fine as the psi delivered to that line is after the fuel pressure regulator as I believe the psi after the regulator on KTM's should be around 35 to 37psi. But I am quite sure that the psi before the regulator is much higher. As for telling Dave that he's wrong, you are making an assumption and that assumption is wrong. If Dave would have responded I would have listened with value and maybe I would have learned something. That is something you should try.
  5. Yes, you right. From your perspective it may imply that I didn't have the bike. Please remember that the email was addressed to Dave and I figured that he could familiarize himself with my orders. I purchased most of my parts in late 2016. I ordered my bike back in August of 2016 and it came in the first week of January 2017. And I just ordered the Power Intake Tube a couple of weeks ago. So I hope that this clears this up for you.
  6. Monk, By the way, I have used Dave's products. That's how I was able to construct line items 1-3
  7. Bryan, Just so you know I'm not that much of a newbe. I had an account under theclone years ago. I didn't much posting though under that account.
  8. Team Fuzz, Please explain what is wrong with my first statement "Hello Dave, I hope that this email finds you well. Dave I would like to discuss some of your parts along with my experience in building bike’s, both street and dirt. Below you will find the items I would like to discuss. Please understand that this is not an attack on you. It is just my observations and opinions.". As for the 90 Degree Fitting and Fuel Rail. If you read the subject line in the email I sent it clearly states " Parts 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F" Nothing about any other models. Item #1 Also states that its a pressurized fuel system. An EFI fuel system is run by the ECU. The ECU instructs the fuel injector based on input from sensors such as Air Flow, TPS, etc. Then injector will then deliver the fuel based on pulse rate instructions. Why does all this matter? Because it's a pressurized fuel system. I don't know the exact PSI the 2017 500 EXC-F runs at, but it has been my experience on EFI systems that the lowest psi I have seen is 90psi. So on my bike the 90 Degree Fitting and the Fuel Rail offer no advantages. Again due to a pressurized fuel system. I never said anything about build quality. But the quality of all of Dave's parts that I have purchased has been nothing less of excellent. Team Fuzz if you would like me to explain any of my other line items, please do not hesitate to ask.
  9. Hello Bryan, Thank you for the response. You have a good question. No it's not a personal smear campaign. I probably should have clearly stated that based on my email I was looking for more customer support than I received along with what I feel are accurate technical view points of the products that I had purchased based on the website descriptions. That's why I sated that his response blew me away. As I stated before, upon receiving my bike and installing and testing the parts I found a discrepancy between the advertised description and what the product actually does. I didn't want to come across to Dave nastily so I addressed it from a technical point. As for "And by the way I will be posting this on Thumper Talk and others based on your response" Maybe in hindsight sight I should of not pasted the whole email conversation and just pasted my line items and put them up for discussion. As you can tell I'm really not trying to piss anyone off.
  10. I'm not shit talking anybody or company. As far as my first post goes it doesn't matter on the content and if you read the first part of the content it says that the below is from my experience and are just my opinions and would like to discuses. Basically the post is subjective. Now if you read the whole post you would actually see that I talk up some of his products. So please don't base your opinion on my last reply in the email chain. And as far as you go, what because you have 24k in post makes you the king, ruler, judge, god of all who post. Maybe you could have addressed me in a different fashion instead of being rude.
  11. I sent the following email over to Dave at ktmandhusky. His response just blew me away. I am a customer of Dave's and did purchase the parts listed in the email with out thinking it through (My Bad) and not having received my 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F The EMail: Start At The Bottom Well I’m very sorry to hear that Dave. As a customer I thought I would get a better response. Maybe at a later date you will read this and possibly learn some things about your products and how you market them. Please read #4 at a minimum. And by the way I will be posting this on Thumper Talk and others based on your response. You can lead them to water, but you can’t make-em drink. Wishing you nothing but the best in the future. -Chris Boldt From: ktm husky [mailto:@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 10:44 AM To: Chris Boldt <@comcast.net> Subject: Re: Parts 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F To complicated for me to spend that kind of time. Sorry On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 7:26 AM, Chris Boldt <cboldt@comcast.net> wrote: Hello Dave, I hope that this email finds you well. Dave I would like to discuss some of your parts along with my experience in building bike’s, both street and dirt. Below you will find the items I would like to discuss. Please understand that this is not an attack on you. It is just my observations and opinions. 1. Fuel Parts: Fuel Rail and 90 Degree Fitting; Both are a good concept for a carbureted / normally aspirated engine that has to draw / suck the fuel from the supply / gas tank. On EFI systems on the newer KTM’s the fuel is delivered to the fuel injector by a fuel pump. Usually the fuel pumps on EFI systems pressurize the fuel supply at 90psi minimum. If there is any restriction it’s going to be on the newer KTM’s with the quick disconnect fuel line. The side of the quick disconnect that feeds the fuel rail is highly restrictive. I’m not sure if KTM did this for a reason or it’s just the nature of the quick disconnect and KTM felt that the pressurized fuel was enough to feed the injector through the restrictive quick disconnect. Now if the newer KTM’s truly have a fuel starvation issue at upper RPM’s, personally I would ditch the quick disconnect and run a single fuel line from the stock fuel cock to the stock fuel rail. 2. Exhaust Parts: Grunt; I do believe that the Grunt has some positive effects. In exhaust systems there are issues in getting the exhaust gasses to exit the exhaust system. This is more predominant with horse power gains as the engine becomes more of a performance air pump. This effect is called reversionary exhaust gas harmonics. I believe that your Grunt acts like an anti-reversionary device by lowering the reversionary harmonics that stop the exhaust from exiting the exhaust system. Hence, improving off idle to midrange response. As for your other exhaust products, anything that you can do to an exhaust system to assist with getting the exhaust gases out is a plus. We all should know that one of the first things to do on any engine build is to get the engine to breathe. 3. Intake Parts: Power Intake Tube; First lets discuss the collapsing / sucking in of the intake boot. In the stock configuration on the newer KTM’s we have a highly restrictive reed cage stuffed into the entrance of the intake boot. The reed cage restrictiveness causes the intake boot to experience high inches of vacuum especially under WOT (Wide Open Throttle). The intake boot does not collapse / suck in. If it did collapse / suck in the engine would enter a rich condition and probably not run at all do to air starvation and the inability to atomize the fuel. With the reed cage removed the intake boot will experience much lower inches of vacuum and if there was a chance of collapsing / sucking in it is definitely gone now. Now to the Power Intake Tube (PIT). I think that you have something here that you don’t even realize. Your PIT when combined with a proper breathing exhaust system does an incredible thing that even the seat dyno can tell. The PIT acts like a velocity stack increasing the air flow velocity hugely across the fuel entrance of the throttle body. When the increased air velocity hits the fuel it greatly improves fuel atomization. When fuel atomization is increased we are able to make more power. When you have a non-restrictive air flow, improved air velocity and a exhaust system the results are awesome. And let’s remember that the TPS is not the answer, it’s a work around. To properly take advantage of the above you need to re-work the ECU AKA Euro Map plus tweaking of the Map from a qualified EFI tuner. 4. You discuss on your website that some of your products are dyno proven. Why not post your before and after dyno charts as they do for street machine performance parts? Thanks For Your Time Dave. Looking To Your Responces. -Chris Boldt